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UK Company to launch first collaborative buying platform for gamers.

CrowdCartel is a collaborative buying platform with a unique distinction: It aims to serve the UK’s ever-growing gaming community.

Gaming products will be offered to members at a discounted rate, assuming that a minimum or qualifying amount of sales are established. After a qualifying amount of sales is reached, members will be able to purchase high-end gaming equipment and accessories at a discounted price.

Sellers benefit from selling in one large and easy transaction and pass on significant discounts to members purchasing through the CrowdCartel platform.

The UK company will also be offering their members the ability to request and vote for items to be featured in the future. Theo Vanezos, one of the platform’s original founders, has stated “By offering members the ability to recommend and vote for items they would like to see featured we are aiming to give the gaming community a new and cheaper way to source the products they want”.

The platform urges users to group up with their friends and join other like-minded members in placing a single larger order, and make a significant saving as a result. Kristian Clerides, the other  original founding member,commented “ It just didn’t make sense to us that all these groups of friends buying the same stuff couldn’t negotiate a better price “.

The website will initially be offering some essential, curated,  gaming products to groups of early members for a heavily discounted price..

As the community grows, users will be able to recommend and vote on which  products they would like to see featured.

If you are interested in getting exclusive early access to the website and the first available products, you can sign up for a limited amount of time here.