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Realities, the first VR tourism experience to hit the global market, is released today as a free download.

The users can wander within photorealistic landmark environments from around the world. These places have been scanned using photogrammetry to capture every last detail. Graphine’s texture streaming technology ‘Granite SDK’ makes it possible to visualize this scanned content at the highest quality available while still only requiring a PC with the minimal specifications for VR. Users of Realities use the app’s innovative locomotion methods to explore these photorealistic environments. is another addition to the list of leading content creating companies that use Granite for their VR projects. Other VR companies using Granite are Sólfar Studios with Everest VR, Nurulize with Nu Reality and companies like Oculus and The Mill with undisclosed projects.

“The need to display photo-realistic content at the most detailed quality level, while keeping a solid very high frame rate is a requirement from all companies that want to create state-of-the-art content for virtual reality. We are proud to support more and more companies like that use Granite to deliver extraordinary experiences to the consumers with unseen graphical fidelity.” affirms Aljosha Demeulemeester, Graphine’s CEO.’s CEO Dominic Eskofier confirms: “With Realities, we put real, mesmerizing places 1:1 into Virtual Reality and make them fully explorable – at a quality level that we couldn’t achieve without Granite. Walking around in Realities’ unique environments is the closest thing to actually be at the places we capture – thanks to the great performance and extreme texture resolutions we get from Granite in Unreal Engine 4.”

Realities released today on Steam and is available for free to all VR users.

Granite is available as a standalone SDK that can integrate in any engine and as a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D.

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