Train2Game News Behind the Schemes

​The amatuer filmmakers of Devolver Digital have announced Behind the Schemes, a new take on the traditional behind-the-scenes series. 
Each episode in the series aims to uncover the spirit of each game through intimate conversations with the personalities behind them and exploring the tiny apartments, humble offices, and vibrant cities where they are made.

The Behind the Schemes series began as an experiment at E3 to document the notorious Devolver Digital E3 trailer park and shenanigans that took place there each day. The first proper episode launched today putting the spotlight on Le Cartel, the team behind Mother Russia Bleeds, as they take viewers on a tour of the team’s office flat and local boxing gym where the lead artist trains and draws inspiration for the game’s combat animations.

Future episodes will take viewers to the literal attic office of Fourattic (Crossing Souls), the retro FPS altars of Pixel Titans (STRAFE), and the bustling crowds of Gamescom.

“I told the filmmakers that if I saw a single shot of some nerd typing fake code on a monitor or blankly staring at some untextured model I’d cancel the whole thing,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Not that I’ll watch a minute of this arthouse garbage.”

The Behind the Schemes series is an ongoing effort and each new episode can be found on the Devolver Digital YouTube channel. And now for an obligatory call to follow Devolver Digital on Twitter @DevolverDigital.