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Simplygon, the leading provider of automatic 3D optimization solutions for digital content creation, and Uppercut Games announced that Submerged for iOS fully relied on Simplygon optimization. 
The Unreal® Engine 4 game is a third-person exploration, post-apocalyptic indie game, originally developed for PC and console. The initial manual optimization on the city buildings and landmarks left the team with thousands of individual objects to draw, and this was too taxing on the most mobile GPUs. Simplygon and the HLOD feature allowed the studio to easily add Level of Detail at a series of different aspects of the open world game.

“Without Simplygon’s tool we would never have been able to release Submerged on iOS” said Andrew James, co-Founder of Uppercut Games. “We were pleasantly surprised to see how seem-less the transitions to HLOD mesh looked on device, even when swapped out to the LOD at a close distance. The Simplygon HLOD optimization allowed us to keep most of the original PC / console high poly art for the detail areas of the game where the player explores, walks and climbs.”

“Mobile is becoming increasingly powerful and talented developers as Uppercut can deliver really high-fidelity graphics on these devices. Obviously though, there are restrictions and limitations so optimization is key to a good game experience. It feels great to be able to provide UE4 developers with a robust and easy-to-use integration and an efficient way of optimizing original content, making games both look great and run smoothly across platforms. We are thrilled that Uppercut chose Simplygon for Submerged and are happy with their results.”, explained Martin Ekdal, co-Founder of Simplygon.

Simplygon was used in different manners to maintain the art quality while reaching a good frame rate. The HLOD feature combines hundreds of small individual detail meshes and reduces them to single draw call LOD meshes. This had a dramatic improvement on the game’s frame rate on iOS devices. A meaningful example is the reduction percentage done in Submerged. HLOD reduced 4176 meshes (many with multiple materials) down to 30 LOD meshes (99% reduction), and 1.38 million polygons down to 183,000 polygons (87% reduction). Simplygon replaced an optimization task that would have taken months to do manually to only a week of work.

Simplygon is the de facto standard optimization solution for large AAA PC and console games; mobile games; and MMOs, and is applicable to any medium where 3D art assets are created or utilized. By automating the optimization process required to make games run smooth, Simplygon helps digital content creators save important resources where artists would otherwise need to manually re-create large amounts of content.