Train2Game Student Radio Featured Programmes

T2G RadioTrain2Game student radio has gone LIVE! This service will play all the best Train2Game interviews around on a loop so you never miss anything good.

The schedule for the interviews the service plays is as follows:

Phil Cross Audience Marketing Manager at Microsoft UK Mentors Train2Game Students: Phil answers questions from students and explains how Train2Game students can gain many areas of on-going support free from Microsoft.

On BBC Oxford Mike Gamble from Epic advises Parents: Mike shares how parents can help youngsters wanting a career in the gaming industry.

BBC Radio Derby talks to Train2Game Student Daniel Gent: An inspirational interview with Daniel who following a car accident is now Quadriplegic, Daniel says if he can do a Train2Game course anyone can.

On Juice FM Mike Gamble from Epic advises Parents: Mike gives further advice to parents and would be students.

Steve Lindsay from the Princes’ Trust: shares how Train2Game often mirrors the aims of the Princes’ Trust with young people.

Train2Game Student Amy Methven from Scotland: explains how she has already started working with a student studio group.

Train2Game Student Dan Rutter explains: how Train2Game has given him the skills to become a published games studio and start his own games company with his wife.

Train2game student Gareth Brook shares: how an ex-Army communication technician has now joined a games studio.

Train2Game Student Neil Gorman details:how he has already gained work from Microsoft and further his Train2Game course has inspired him to now take a Masters Degree in games. Neil said of the course and the Train2game academic team “it’s been great, it’s been fantastic”.

Ken Gains from City and Guilds shares: how Train2Game works with City and Guilds.

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