Train2Game News Indie Game Making Contest Celeb Judges


The Indie Game Making Contest (, whose prize pool is connected with the Humble Game Making Bundle ( ) is ready to announce both new products in the bundle and the addition of critically acclaimed Extra Credits ( as celebrity judges for the event. So put on your developer hat and enter to win thousands of dollars across 21 or more prizes!

The success of the bundle, which has passed 1 million in gross sales, has unlocked new software including Play Canvas and Pro Motion 6.5. Not only does each bundle purchase help charity, but a percent of the developer cut goes to the contest as well, making the prizes higher every day. The grand prize at the midway point currently stands at over $20,000 USD, in addition to non-cash benefits such as promotional and production aid by Degica, whose sponsoring the event.

In addition to these great prizes and charities, Daniel Emmons joins the panel of guest judges. Daniel is part of the Extra Credits team, focused on the acclaimed Design Club, which hosts a twitch live stream event 4 times a week at in addition to their work on the main Youtube Channel at Daniel joins Ed Greenwood, author of Forgotten Realms, ex-fragdoll Kimberly “Sabre” Weigend, and last year’s winner, Team Isolation, creators of Remnants of Isolation, which is available on Steam at

So get involved! Head over to , get all the goodies you need, and enter the IGMC at for your chance to win big prizes and free promotion of your games.

Train2Game News Humble Game Maker Bundle


Axis Game Factory is pleased to announce it’s involvement in this summer’s Humble “Game Maker” Bundle that is currently running and will commence on July 21, 2015.

As a powerful development suite of software, AGFPRO is featured with six of it’s products in this year’s promotion and is participating in the Indie Game Dev Competition that is open to anyone from now until August 7, 2015. The Grand Prize pool continues to grow and is based on the total sales of the Humble “Game Maker” Bundle in addition to many other prizes for a variety of categories and genres.

AGFPRO is the ideal game creation software and is a comprehensive toolset, designed to provide game developers and enthusiasts alike with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain and vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system that puts the power to create in anyone’s hands. AGFPRO is stand-alone, but also works seamlessly with the Unity 5 game engine, to allow developers the ability to sell a commercial product.

The Axis Game Factory products included in this massive promotion include the main application, AGFPRO v3.0, Premium, Voxel Sculpt DLC, Drone Kombat DLC, Zombie FPS DLC and the latest Zombie Survival Pack DLC. All of the add-on products expand the users player experience, allowing the option to either make casual and fun games that users can “Build, Play and Share” with friends or to take their creations into Unity and commercialize on their own.

The Humble “Game Maker” Bundle includes a huge array of products that include game creation software, DLC’s, add-ons, music, games and coupons/credits that total almost $2,000.00 USD in retail product. Gamers are encouraged to “get their gaming on” and make an original product based out of the many tools offered in this “pay what you want” bundle.

The contest can be found at and will be judged by a variety of industry veterans and celebrity judges. Led by game publisher, Degica’s Global Director, Mitchell Scott, he adds, “Last years inaugural Indie Game Making Contest was an incredible success with a grand prize of $10,000 and over 800 entries. This year the prize is even bigger as it’s tied to sales of the Humble Game Making Bundle. It’s currently at $16,500 (and counting). We’re very excited to see what everyone comes up with for this years contest!”

Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO, it’s suite of seven (7) DLC’s and latest stand alone application, GeoVox, empower developers to rapidly create game maps, sculpt terrain and design levels quickly and easily. With over 500 assets pre-stocked in the warehouse, along with 28 pre-set themes and simple maps, users can begin creating levels in literally minutes, making it the perfect software for any professional or gamer that want to start creating amazing game levels without having to program, model or animate. And by using stand out features such as “Scene-Linking” allow users to connect levels and expand their worlds together, “Co-op Collaboration” for up to 8 users in Premium, and using the “Game Packager” instantly allows users to share their creations as an .exe file and send to anyone to play for free makes this software suite a must-have in this expansive Humble “Game Maker” Bundle!

Train2Game Student Radio Featured Programmes

T2G RadioTrain2Game student radio has gone LIVE! This service will play all the best Train2Game interviews around on a loop so you never miss anything good.

The schedule for the interviews the service plays is as follows:

Phil Cross Audience Marketing Manager at Microsoft UK Mentors Train2Game Students: Phil answers questions from students and explains how Train2Game students can gain many areas of on-going support free from Microsoft.

On BBC Oxford Mike Gamble from Epic advises Parents: Mike shares how parents can help youngsters wanting a career in the gaming industry.

BBC Radio Derby talks to Train2Game Student Daniel Gent: An inspirational interview with Daniel who following a car accident is now Quadriplegic, Daniel says if he can do a Train2Game course anyone can.

On Juice FM Mike Gamble from Epic advises Parents: Mike gives further advice to parents and would be students.

Steve Lindsay from the Princes’ Trust: shares how Train2Game often mirrors the aims of the Princes’ Trust with young people.

Train2Game Student Amy Methven from Scotland: explains how she has already started working with a student studio group.

Train2Game Student Dan Rutter explains: how Train2Game has given him the skills to become a published games studio and start his own games company with his wife.

Train2game student Gareth Brook shares: how an ex-Army communication technician has now joined a games studio.

Train2Game Student Neil Gorman details:how he has already gained work from Microsoft and further his Train2Game course has inspired him to now take a Masters Degree in games. Neil said of the course and the Train2game academic team “it’s been great, it’s been fantastic”.

Ken Gains from City and Guilds shares: how Train2Game works with City and Guilds.

Tune in via Train2Game Student Radio or more information via