Train2Game News Humble Game Maker Bundle


Axis Game Factory is pleased to announce it’s involvement in this summer’s Humble “Game Maker” Bundle that is currently running and will commence on July 21, 2015.

As a powerful development suite of software, AGFPRO is featured with six of it’s products in this year’s promotion and is participating in the Indie Game Dev Competition that is open to anyone from now until August 7, 2015. The Grand Prize pool continues to grow and is based on the total sales of the Humble “Game Maker” Bundle in addition to many other prizes for a variety of categories and genres.

AGFPRO is the ideal game creation software and is a comprehensive toolset, designed to provide game developers and enthusiasts alike with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain and vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system that puts the power to create in anyone’s hands. AGFPRO is stand-alone, but also works seamlessly with the Unity 5 game engine, to allow developers the ability to sell a commercial product.

The Axis Game Factory products included in this massive promotion include the main application, AGFPRO v3.0, Premium, Voxel Sculpt DLC, Drone Kombat DLC, Zombie FPS DLC and the latest Zombie Survival Pack DLC. All of the add-on products expand the users player experience, allowing the option to either make casual and fun games that users can “Build, Play and Share” with friends or to take their creations into Unity and commercialize on their own.

The Humble “Game Maker” Bundle includes a huge array of products that include game creation software, DLC’s, add-ons, music, games and coupons/credits that total almost $2,000.00 USD in retail product. Gamers are encouraged to “get their gaming on” and make an original product based out of the many tools offered in this “pay what you want” bundle.

The contest can be found at and will be judged by a variety of industry veterans and celebrity judges. Led by game publisher, Degica’s Global Director, Mitchell Scott, he adds, “Last years inaugural Indie Game Making Contest was an incredible success with a grand prize of $10,000 and over 800 entries. This year the prize is even bigger as it’s tied to sales of the Humble Game Making Bundle. It’s currently at $16,500 (and counting). We’re very excited to see what everyone comes up with for this years contest!”

Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO, it’s suite of seven (7) DLC’s and latest stand alone application, GeoVox, empower developers to rapidly create game maps, sculpt terrain and design levels quickly and easily. With over 500 assets pre-stocked in the warehouse, along with 28 pre-set themes and simple maps, users can begin creating levels in literally minutes, making it the perfect software for any professional or gamer that want to start creating amazing game levels without having to program, model or animate. And by using stand out features such as “Scene-Linking” allow users to connect levels and expand their worlds together, “Co-op Collaboration” for up to 8 users in Premium, and using the “Game Packager” instantly allows users to share their creations as an .exe file and send to anyone to play for free makes this software suite a must-have in this expansive Humble “Game Maker” Bundle!

Train2Game News PEACEapp competition

PEACEappA new competition is searching for a game or app about facilitating peace or an idea for one.

The competition, PEACEapp, aims to showcase the work of developers who examine peace and promote games as venues for cultural dialogue and conflict management. PEACEapp is a joint project between UNDP, UNAOC and Build Up.

Sponsored by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the United Nations Development Programme, and Build Up, the competition will award the winning entries with $15,000 in cash prizes, an invitation to present their game at the Build Peace Conference in Cyprus, and exclusive mentoring and advising from Games for Change. The competition will consider entries at all stages of development, from prototypes to fully developed, with awards going to five games or apps—three completed works and two prototypes.

An international jury, which includes representatives from Games for Peace, the Institute for Economics and Peace, Fields of View, Games for Change, and more, will review submitted games and apps according to three values:

  • Affording users a novel experience to engage with knowledge of other groups and issues of identity
  • Creatively engaging players in a playful manner
  • Enabling connections to key social media globally, in terms of functionality, language and reach

Click here for a complete competition guidelines, and then submit your entry.

Train2Game student studio has created Apps that are taking web based radio station into the future

Breeze Radio

Independent Train2Game student studio Derp Studios has been working with Breeze Radio to create Apps that will safeguard the radio station’s future distribution for years to come.

Successful digital radio station Breeze Radio drafted in the young team of Developers to handle creating its Apps. Breeze Radio has been taking steps to make sure it’s global network of listeners can be reached, as technology continues to develop in the ever changing radio broadcast sector.

Derp Studios were tasked with taking Breeze Radio to the next level of distribution before it arrives, creating Apps that will work alongside its digital distribution channels that will work for mobile and reach every corner of the globe. The apps have now been created and the station is ready for the next steps in its successful development, thanks to the team at Derp Studios.

Andy, setup Breeze Radio when he returned from active service previously of the Royal Engineers. He was working with other stations but found that regulations to make the stations more commercially successful were preventing him from delivering the radio he wanted to. He found that radio was no longer beneficial to the listeners and it wasn’t what they wanted to hear, there was too many adverts and not enough music. He wanted to play music people wanted to hear, not what the major labels were forcing people to listen to so they can make millions selling music.

With Andy’s background in the military and living abroad, he knew what the services and x pat communities wanted to hear. Using digital radio he could reach these communities. He planned to give them good radio without the countless adverts and lack of music variety. He wanted to play a selection of music people wanted to hear, not based on marketing demographics but on quality music that everyone would like. He started Breeze radio and found they actually paid more to keep going because they actually played more music than others so had to pay more royalties.

Breeze is now listened to in 128 countries worldwide with 6million listeners tuning in every week. The radio station has ditched the snobby and old fashioned AM/FM broadcasting model and now uses multiple online channels to handle Breeze’s distribution. This is not only cost affective but reaches a global audience, replacing the traditional radio model and overtaking traditional broadcast channels. Digital is also a better platform for receiving accurate data of listeners, rather than the outdated existing audience monitoring techniques.

But there is still one place web based radio is not the dominant broadcast channel; in the car. But that’s where Derp Studios fits in, it has created Android and Windows 8 Apps which mean Breeze can reach every area of the globe. In the near future you’ll be able to use these Apps to tune into Breeze in your car wherever you are in the world, through the 4G network. This will not only help Breeze reach its existing listeners wherever they are, it will also open up the entire world to the delights of Breeze Radio.

As well as building a successful station for all to enjoy Andy has not stopped at that. Breeze Radio now sell digital radios on the site with all profits going to charities across the globe that help with Autism awareness and childhood cancer.

Chris Ledger, Managing Director, Derp Studios: “It’s great to work with Breeze as we agree with their ethos of reaching people with a product that they want. With Breeze’s huge success we’re really pleased they chose us to safeguard them for the future.”


Andy: “It didn’t cost an arm and a leg but the end product is great. The Derp Studios team made a simple solution for a complicated problem. We’re now safely ready to continue to grow our listenership into the future. It’s not about the money for us, we do it for the love of the music and Derp Studios understood that.”

You can find out more about Train2Game, Breeze Radio and Derp Studios at these links


Train2Game News Free App Game Kit available this week only

App Game KitCross-platform development tool App Game Kit has been made free for all developers throughout GDC this week.

AGK enables developers to code in AGK or C++ and then compile their game to their target platform of Android, iOS, Mac or PC.

The game engine has been used in titles such as Cannon Ball, Hide It Find It and Jumping Jack.

“AGK is a tool we needed at TGC, it’s already saving us time and money developing new apps. This is our gift to the development community; grab a copy while you can,” said The Game Creators CEO Lee Bamber.

The offer for AGK will end on March 21st. To take advantage of the offer, developers must use the voucher code AGK4FREE.

The Game Creators is currently at GDC to showcase its tools.

Visit the official website for more information.

Source: Develop

Train2Game News: Game Launch Competition

Train2GameAs part of the PR team’s ongoing support of students creating games, we’re offering you the chance to win a month’s worth of free PR.

The initiative will search for the most promising titles and give them support by taking the game to UK press for reviews and features. Your game will feature in blogs and on websites, getting you the much needed publicity that will result in your title getting in the hands of gamers. We’ll also introduce you to our business connections to get you further support in releasing your game.

What you will win:

• Creation and distribution of press release to announce the title.

• Approach to press for reviews and features.

• Placement in magazines, on the radio and in blogs associated with theTrain2Game.

• Media training where applicable

• Advice and consultation

• Business connections, we can put you in touch with organisations that can help get your game out there.

The criteria:

• Your game needs to be completely finished and ready to take to market.

• Teams and individuals qualify for the opportunity. If you are in a team the majority of the group need to be Train2Game students.

• A playable version of the game will need to be submitted to the judging panel.

• The games will be judged by the PR team who have many years of experience working in the Games Industry.

To enter or register your interest, email:

Train2Game News: Ten tips from CNS to keep your apps safe

Hut-3 1The people at CNS security firm who we interviewed at the end of last year have sent us ten recommendations for staying safe when developing games and applications for mobile devices.

Input Validation

Never assume that the end user won’t try something stupid. If the
application asks the user to enter a number into a field, they could
legitimately type ‘one’. If the application doesn’t check that the input is
a number before trying to process it, it may lead to a security

Sanitise Onward Data

Don’t rely on the receiving service to filter the content your application
sends. For example, if gamer tags or high scores are sent from the game onto
a third party score site. Attackers may be able to attack the third party
via your application, potentially putting your application at risk.

Least Privilege

Never request that your application be run as a system level account like
root or Administrator. If a bug exists in your application and an attacker
manages to exploit it, they may be able to run commands at the program user
level, with access to the system account meaning the attacker could take
over the entire computer.

It is very rare that an application or game would need a high privilege
level to run, and often operating systems provide APIs to developers that
allow them to access system devices (e.g. graphics cards) without having to
directly run as a system user.

Keep it Simple

Nothing is gained by having overly complex code. Clear and concise code
allows errors to be spotted quicker, and also allows multiple people to
write the code at once without running into problems. If another person or
team takes over development, proper code layout and commenting can reduce
the amount of time required to become familiar with the program, allowing
for faster development of patches and updates.

Tamper Prevention

Important data such as high scores should be kept in a place that the user
cannot modify, preferably on a server where they can be audited and checked
for validity. Storing important data on the device may allow users to easily
cheat in the game.

Transport Security

If information which is potentially sensitive (e.g. user’s address, contact
information, credit card number, etc.) is transmitted over the Internet, it
should be done so over a secure connection, ideally one that uses SSL / TLS
and uses certificates to validate the end server.

Information which is not transmitted in this way can be observed,
intercepted, or even modified by an attacker before it reaches the server.

Encoding is not Encryption

If sensitive data is to be stored, ensure that it is properly encrypted
rather than encoded, using a strong and public encryption algorithm.
Encoding is not a secure way to store data, as anyone with knowledge of the
encoding algorithm can easily retrieve the encoded information. With
encryption, even if the attacker knows the algorithm used (and it should be
assumed that they do), they still have to find the secret key before they
can decrypt the information.

Never try to invent your own encryption algorithm. Cryptographers have
worked for years to create a small set of algorithms that are considered to
be secure by Information Security specialists, which should give you an idea
of how hard creating secure encryption algorithms is!

Fail Safe

Make sure that if your application crashes, is doesn’t drop into a
development or debug mode, but rather catches the exception and returns the
user back to their desktop or home screen.

Mobile Devices

If developing for a mobile device, make sure to look into and make use of
any security features and APIs that the manufacturer provides. An example of
this is the data protection API from Apple for iOS.

Don’t Use Untrusted APIs

There are plenty of APIs out there on the Internet, but not all of them can
be trusted. Make sure to search for any related vulnerabilities in the API
before using it, and if possible, only use open source APIs that have large
communities behind them. Some closed-source APIs are also secure to use, but
be wary and always do proper research on them before including them in your

Train2Game would like to thank CNS for these helpful tips to keep you safe!

Train2Game News: GallantCloud Coverage around the web

WP_20131027_023This year Microsoft started their Acceleration Programme and one of the teams involved was a Train2Game Student Studio.

The studio, GallantCloud, was made up of Train2Game students trying to get their foot in the door of the games industry and this has certainly helped them do just that. As a result of the initiative the team were put in touch with the wider gaming industry.

They attended games industry events and conferences. The team were mentored by Train2Game and Microsoft experts. They also received further tutoring from members of the gaming and business community.

Coverage of the initiative was extensive, with placements on: The Microsoft Accelerator Website,numerous mentions in games industry trade publication – Develop and on Gallant Cloud’s own official website. Train2Game also covered the scheme extensively with videos and content on Train2Game’s official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, accounts.

In the link below, you can view all of GallantClouds story as this leg of their games industry journey has come to an end.

Good luck from all of us at Train2Game for everything you do in the future guys!

Train2game News: Microsoft announce new accelerator programme companies


UK firms Gateway Interactive and 8 Bit Studios to begin 12-week programme in February

Microsoft has announced the new wave of companies that will take part in Microsoft Ventures’ London Accelerator programme.

The scheme has been piloted this year and provides support to start-ups for 12 weeks as they try to establish themselves as a business.

Twelve firms will be taking part in the 2014 programme, which kicks off on February 3rd. Two of these are gaming firms: Gateway Interactive, a studio based in the North East of England working on their inaugural title Pure Space, and 8-bit Studios, which is working on online multiplayer game Skara.

The successful applicants were named during a Microsoft event at London’s Canary Wharf, where the pilot companies of this year’s programme were able to show off their work and pitch for further support from other potential investors.

Two of the five pilot companies were games firms – Whispering Gibbon and GallantCloud – and all pilots have been invited to continue working with Microsoft at its new Accelerator headquarters, which is due to open in Whitechapel.

Microsoft UK’s managing director Michel Van der Bel told Develop: “These technology start-ups and entrepreneurs are the future success of our sector. The future of our economy will be based on the success of these start-ups.

Train2game student and GallantCloud member Ben Cooper said “i want to say thank you on behalf of the team for all the help Train2game gave us. It was very much appreciated and I believe we nailed the pitch!”

Source: Develop

Train2Game News: Unity free for Xbox One Developers

Xbox OneMicrosoft has partnered with the maker of the popular Unity kit to secure free access for all ID@Xbox members to the Xbox One add-on, which is planned for launch next year.

Announced at Gamescom earlier this year, ID@Xbox will allow independent developers to self-publish on Xbox One without fees. Registered users will not be required to pay certification or title update fees, though currently developers “with a proven track record” are being prioritised for registration. Microsoft also said in July that every Xbox One console can be used as a development kit, though the functionality will not be available from launch.

“When released in 2014, the Xbox One add-on for Unity will be available at no cost to all developers in the ID@Xbox program, as will special Xbox One-only Unity Pro seat licenses for Xbox One developers in the ID@Xbox program,” confirmed Microsoft’s ID@Xbox director Chris Charla.

“We want to make sure the dev who’s working away in Omaha, or Coventry, or Chiba will have the same shot to realize their vision on Xbox One as one of my developer friends we hang out with in Seattle or at a trade show like GDC or Gamescom.

“The Unity add-on for Xbox One supports every element of Xbox One, from Kinect to SmartGlass to the impulse triggers of the new controller,” Charla added. “Using Unity, developers will be able to take advantage of all aspects of Xbox One, which is rad. More importantly, Unity is available for Windows and Windows Phone too (and yes, the add-on is available at no cost to developers for Windows Phone and Windows 8 store games). So from one base game, developers can ship their games across all Microsoft platforms.”

Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason has said that while the dev kit will support high-end features that will make use of Xbox One’s additional power, its established toolset will simplify deployment for familiar developers.

Train2Game News: AppsWorld Reminder for T2G Students

AppsworldThe academic team will be at AppsWorld 2013. So if you need some one-to-one tuition or simply need a little help come to Stand M6.

The added bonus is this year’s Earls Court 2 event is set to be the biggest yet with over 250 exhibitors and over 8000+ attendees including developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals registered for two days of high level insight and discussion.

AppsWorld 22-23 October 2013 at Earls Court 2 Train2Game STAND NUMBER M6

To see more information about the event visit