Train2Game News New Game Making Tutorial Game For Game Maker

YoYo Games today announced the launch of Fire Jump – a new game-making tutorial designed to introduce new users to the basics of GameMaker Studio 2, the world’s leading 2D game development engine. 

Designed specifically for those with little or no game design experience, Fire Jump features a step-by-step guide to making an infinite platformer game, primarily using GameMaker’s easy-to-use and intuitive Drag and Drop (DnD) system. 

In Fire Jump, players control an intrepid fireman on a mission to rescue civilians from a burning building. As our hero leaps vertically from window to window, he must rescue civilians whilst trying to avoid those windows which are on fire. 

Explained in an easy to understand manner, the free tutorial includes four tutorials plus a wealth of supporting materials, teaching new users how to make a playable character, generate infinite obstacles, build a solid game loop along with menus and much more. There is also enough useful information for intermediate users to enjoy as well.

The launch of Fire Jump tutorial follows the recent release of Little Town, a major new game-making tutorial designed to teach students the fundamental principles of game design with GameMaker Studio 2. 

You can download the Fire Jump tutorial by visiting

Stuart Poole, General Manager, YoYo Games, said: “With Drag and Drop, absolutely anyone can make an impressive game without writing code – all you need is imagination. 

“This is why we’re extremely excited to be launching Fire Jump – our latest high-quality step-by-step DnD tutorial, designed to quickly get hobbyists up-to-speed with the core functionality of DnD and GameMaker Studio 2 while hopefully inspiring them to create their own amazing games.”

Train2Game News Little Town Teaches Game Development

YoYo Games today announced the launch of Little Town – a major new game-making tutorial which teaches students and hobbyists game development with  GameMaker Studio 2, the world’s leading 2D game development engine. 

Developed in collaboration with award-winning game developer and university lecturer, Benjamin Rivers, Little Town has been designed to help new game designers quickly learn the core functionality of GameMaker Studio 2 in a natural, fun way. 

Little Town is an adventure game in which players control a child in an idyllic small town. By following clues players must find the right items and bring them to one of the town’s three characters – the Baker, Teacher and Grocer. 

The tutorial enables students, hobbyists and new game designers to create their own layout for Little Town and use code to bring it and its people to life. Users will also be able to choose where to hide each item, as well as writing their own hints and dialogue. 

With over eight hours of video tutorials as well as a wealth of supporting materials, Little Town provides a robust framework for educators with teaching guidelines and assessment criteria with which colleges and universities can effectively start teaching game design to their students.

The Little Town tutorial teaches many core skills from creating vibrant animations using GameMaker’s powerful Sequences tool to controlling sprites, sounds and laying-out the playing area  – providing the perfect introduction to GameMaker Studio 2 and the fundamental principles of game design.

Stuart Poole, General Manager, YoYo Games, said: “We’re extremely pleased to release Little Town, our most comprehensive GameMaker tutorial to date and the first in a series of high-quality tutorials which are currently under development

Poole continued:“While we’re constantly striving to make GameMaker as easy to use and accessible as possible, quality tutorials like Little Town are essential as they provide a practical framework to enable users to quickly get up-to-speed with the core functionality of GameMaker so they can start making their own amazing games.”

Benjamin Rivers, Little Town’s creator, added: “While Little Town is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to understand the basics of game making, the tutorial has been developed specifically to support students in higher education who are learning game design”.

The tutorial features six sections and has been designed to allow for both synchronous and asynchronous participation for in-class and remote learning. 

“Little Town has been structured to encourage self-driven learning and experimentation, which we hope will inspire a new generation of game developers,” added Rivers

Train2game News MG Games looking for new team members


Student Games Developers looking for applications to grow studio
Michael McGurk from Northern Ireland seeks new members to join his team, which has released three titles and has another on the way.

This student team is rapidly releasing titles, which are great for portfolios and they could make the next big hit.

The team is looking for new members to expand MG Games and release more titles. It’s looking for an artist and someone to help them build titles in Construct. It’s a two man team at the moment and Michael’s father is the third voluntary member.

The team has released three games already, working on its next bigger one, which is why they need additional support. MG Games plans to expand to make larger games in the future, the next release is coming in two months’ time, with support from new team members.

Michael is a Train2Game student and enjoying the course. He’s balanced creating games alongside his studies. The team likes working on its own titles as means it can deliver the game it wants to, retaining control of what they produce and their production timeline. The benefits for new joiners will be experience and work for portfolio content, and who knows in the future.

Michael is based in Northern Ireland but happy for team members from anywhere in the world.

Michael McGurk, Student Train2Game and head of MG Games, ‘My experience with Train2Game has most definitely been worthwhile and I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has helped me bring my ideas to life and put them into games. Games are my passion and without Train2game I would not have the knowledge I do have in game making. To have created and put my first game out there live, watch the number of plays grow is an indescribable feeling.’

‘I am currently on module D4 lesson 4. The course is slowly coming along, I say slowly because I am taking my time doing the course as I am currently making my fourth game. Its a larger game compared to the other arcade games I have made on the side and is taking a bit of time to do.’

‘I work from home I started MG games so I could build my own gaming company and make my own games I have started MG Games off from scratch. I want to further the company and I would like to give others a chance to use and combine their game ideas and bring them to life.

Currently on the team is myself as the games designer and my dad helps me out with the the art work and the animations. Currently we are making games for browser and mobile devices. Small games such as arcade etc. But in the near future I would like to make bigger games with storylines.’

‘As MG Games expands, I would like to start making bigger and better games with every team member having a say in the games we make. I would like MG games to become a known company, with a large team who is willing to work as a team and express their ideas openly. I would like to have an official studio where all the works will take place as a professional company.’

‘I have worked on four games that are now live on if you would like to take a look and I two more games are in the works. One of which is a larger game and has so far taken me almost seven months to get as far as I have within the game. I’m hoping for this game to go live within the next month or two.’

‘The benefits of working on our own games are that we get to see our games ideas come to life and when the games are done we have the joy of saying we made that. Also we can spend as much time as we want in the making of the games and we are not under any pressure in having the games done for a certain time. No pressure means no mistakes.’

‘I am looking for new members to join MG Games as I said its really only me and more team members will result in better games more games ideas and more fun in making the games and it will help MG Games grow as a company. I would like someone who can do the art work for the games and someone that could work with me building them on construct.’

‘I would like commitment, flexibility and members that are here for the games and the fun of making them and not just for money. The new team members will gain the experience from working in a team, games that they can use on their portfolios and there game ideas being heard and brought to life.’

‘I would like the applicants to show examples of their work, note their strongest and weakest points in game making and what area do they mainly specialise in. I would also like their contact details and to tell me a bit about themselves, why they are applying and what is it that has them interested in this field of work.’

‘If anyone is interested they can email me at or messages me over our Facebook page which you can find at this link

For more information contact
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Train2Game News Rumpus Animation needs your support


Rumpus Animation needs your support to Kickstart Bertram Fiddle sequel

Train2Game student Leah Panigada and her team looking to raise funding for comedy point-and-click title

Rumpus Animation, a Bristol based animation company are currently funding the second part of their 2D comedy point and click adventure game called The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle.

Train2Game’s Leah works at Rumpus Animation creating 2D digital art/ animations and games in Bristol. Rumpus created the first game of Bertram Fiddle about a year ago – Seb Burnett – Creator and Director/ Illustrator, Joe Wood -Lead Animator/ Lead Editor, Leah Panigada- Storyboards Animator/ designer, Dan Emmerson – Technical Artist and programmer, Ellise – has recently joined the team for the second game, as Producer.

Bertram Fiddle, the world’s self-proclaimed leading Victorian explorator, is back in Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement! Once more Bertram and Gavin, his trusty man servant, find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Geoff the Murderer, the elusive serial killer who has evaded capture by the top detectives, is still on the run and Bertram must continue to wander the murky and mysterious streets of Victorian London to hunt him down and reveal his true identity.

But in this second episode Bertram has been framed for a murder that he did not commit and must now struggle to clear his name to be able to continue with the mystery that goes much deeper than he expected, and really does leave him in a Bleaker Predicklement.
The game, inspired by point and click games such as Monkey Island and following in the comedy footsteps of Day of the Tentacle, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is set to be available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

The Kickstarter has a few days to go and we still have quite a way to go to reach our goal. It’s a superb game and with a Train2Game student involved, it would be great if the community could support. Find all the information you need at the links below.

Bertram Website:

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Train2Game News Student studio on the hunt for Artists


Train2Game student Josh Procter and his friend William Marsden have created their own studio and are now on the hunt for artists to join them

Friends Josh and Will have created SVS games and released their first game.  They are now looking to recruit team members to work on the next seven titles they have planned.

Josh is currently studying Train2Game which has helped their collaboration. Both plan to use the studio to work together but also have individual aspirations in the games industry. They are interested in the creative side of gaming and love to come up with ideas.

Since releasing their first game, Marathon, both are really excited with what they created and what more they can do. They sort industry advice in creating Marathon and it was received well. The studio was created in 2015 but the pair have collaborated for some time. Both live in West Yorkshire.  

The guys are now on the lookout for artists to join the team as they have a growing list of games planned for the future. They are on the lookout for people who are: productive, passionate and have personality.

Train2Game interviewed the guys to hear about their projects

Please introduce yourselves, what course you are on and where you are from?  

Josh: Hi. My name is Josh Procter. I’m from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I’m just on the back end of the T2G Designer course.

Will: My name is William Marsden, I’m from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. I graduated Teesside University in November 2014 with a BA in Computer Games Design (2:1)

What is the name of your studio and who are the members?

Will: Myself and Josh came together in early 2015 to form SVS Games.

Josh: Yeah. Me and Will have been working together for a while but officially SVS Games was created early 2015.

What was the idea behind the name of the studio?

Josh: SVS means Samurai vs Spartan. Because Will is totally into Murmillo fighting and I am a born Samurai with my years of sword training.

Will: Well it’s our aim to make the kinds of games that we both loved as kids. SVS Games is a way we can showcase our game development skills to attract potential employers, whilst still trying to make our mark on the Indie game world.

Are you enjoying Train2Game and are your studies going well?

Josh: I’ll field this. I’m loving the T2G course, but I’m a very busy guy. The only reason I haven’t finished yet!

What do you hope to gain from taking the course?

Josh: Well, I personally want to write the games myself. And this has given me the skills to write better and create them. Which teams me and Will perfectly.

What is your dream in terms of working in the games industry?

Will: Well I have lots of ideas for pretty huge games. So ideally I’d want to be in a position where I can bring those ideas to life, a creative direction position seems the best position to do that.

Josh: I just really want to be the writing force behind those games. I’m an ideas man. I drift off and let myself come up with new ideas.

So what has it been like completing your first game?

Will: It has been fantastic, We have been working together to make some really involved design work for potential future games, I received some advice from a local Indie Developer to just release something small to get our names out there. Once it was out there and we got over the shock that something we had worked on was out there for everyone, the ball really started to roll and we’re well on the way to our next release.

Josh: It has been kick-butt honestly. I love working with Will and to be able to sit there after it was out, we both sort of looked at each other like “wow, we have a game for sale”
Big stuff man. Big stuff.

Can you tell us about Marathon, what were the challenges in creating this game?

Will: I think my biggest issue was keeping it small. Josh and I have this terrible problem where we keep trying to add too much to something and make more work for ourselves.

Josh: Me and Will cannot help adding more. We sat there with a product we were happy with and then went. LET’S DO MORE!
How has it been received?

Will: Actually pretty well considering it was just a quiet release by two guys who hadn’t really done anything before. I keep checking it and we have a nice steady stream of viewers and downloads. We are yet to have a negative comment, so I count that as a win. 

Josh: It’s going nice actually. Neither of us was expecting to make the next big thing. But we wanted to get our names out there and this game is a really nice little start.

Why did you choose to release on Windows?

Will: Honestly because it would be the quickest turnover from development to release. We’re currently looking at releasing on other platforms, including android via Google Play.

And what are you working on next, I hear you have another title in the pipeline?

Will: I like to stay busy and yeah, Josh and I are always working on something. I think the current count is at 6 or 7 games planned for the future or in development at the moment.

Josh: When we started, we had one MASSIVE game in the pipeline, with completed design documents and pitch documents. But we realized it’s far too big a project to start with. We came up with 3 small games to start with, which turned to 4 and so on. I think the count is 7 at the moment. But last night me and Will discussed another one.

And you are on the hunt for developers to join the team and assist with the project, artists and animators?

Will: Most definitely, Artists and Animators are always in demand in the games industry and we’re no different.
Josh: In the future, yeah I’d love to take on some new people! But I think we’re just starting out and maybe another one or two people to work with. They’d have to be into swords.

What are you looking for in new team members? What character traits?

Will: Someone who works hard, likes to swap and share ideas and someone who is above all else, passionate about gaming.
Josh: I think after years of work. I cannot stand people who half-arse jobs. I really don’t want to sound like a grumpy boss but people have to pull their weight. I just finished moving and lost my entire internet but I still did everything I could to push our projects forward.
Aside from that, they’d need a great personality and to have a laugh.

Is joining the studio a good opportunity, and why?

Will: I would definitely say so. Opportunities to work with other game developers is beneficial for everyone involved, we all share the work load and each get an equal share of the credit. Most employers look for people who have game development experience. The best way by far to do that is to release some games.

Josh: Exactly. I’d love to have some other people working with us. It’s always a good idea to make your own things. Think how indie developers get massive. It’s all about content and quality. You put your heart into a game and it might end up being the next big thing. I think for myself and Will, it’s not about getting famous or super rich, it’s about creating the games that people will lose themselves in. I can’t get over massive moments in games that I go back to thinking about years later. I still have the DmC3 cut scenes on my phone that I watch monthly.

What are the plans for the studio?  

Will: We are both going to continue to working on games together until we catch the eye of an employer or we start making enough money to make a career of making games for SVS Games full time.

Josh: Keep releasing content. Keep having fun.

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Train2Game News GameMaker games to Xbox One

GameMaker StudioYoYo Games have announced GameMaker: Studio support for Xbox One, enhanced support for current Microsoft platforms including Windows RT, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1, as well as support for future operating system releases.

The GameMaker: Studio export for Xbox One will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014 to members of Microsoft’s licensed Xbox developer programs, including ID@Xbox.

“This is a great day for GameMaker: Studio developers,” said Sandy Duncan, Chief Executive Officer at YoYo Games. “We’re absolutely thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft and to give our community the ability to publish to Xbox One for the first time. We’re especially excited that this agreement will bring continued and future support for all Microsoft platforms.”

“We’re thrilled that the Xbox developer community now has the ability to use GameMaker,” said Ryan Lowdermilk, Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “With GameMaker already available for Windows Phone and Windows, it gives developers another great way to create games across multiple Microsoft platforms.”

For more information about how to become a licensed Xbox One developer, please visit An Xbox One developer kit is required to take advantage of the GameMaker: Studio export for Xbox One.

Train2Game News 500 studios in the UK

Develop has compiled a list of more than 500 British games development studios as part of Game Source 2014, a new directory for the UK’s games agencies.

The list was compiled by the Develop team, and is an updated version of last July’s Develop 100, which ranked to the top 100 UK studios and included a list of hundreds more.

Game Source’s studio directory features the company names and website links for more than 500 studios found throughout the UK, ranging from indie start-ups and one-man studios to publisher-owned behemoths and other triple-A games developers.

You can view the book for free, either in your browser or by downloading the iPad edition.

Presented by MCV, Game Source is the UK directory of leading games industry service companies, featuring creative and promotional agencies, digital distributors, accessory and hardware firms, logistics and payment companies and much more. The guide showcases the leading players across each sector, offering a snapshot of the resources on offer, plus client history and contact details.

Train2Game News Boss Key Productions


Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has opened a new studio named Boss Key Productions.

Bleszinski recently teased he was coming out of retirement, with the official announcement of the new company and its debut project due to be announced shortly.

As spotted by Polygon, documents filed to the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State also list Guerrilla Games co-founder Arjan Brussee as the studio’s chief operating officer.

Another document filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office also suggests the developer will focus on online titles, referencing “downloadable multiplayer interactive computer game programs”.

Bleszinski left his former studio Epic Games in October 2012 after 20 years at the company.

Train2Game News: UKIE and Nesta mentoring

UKIE LogoUkie, who bring games industry expertise and Nesta, who have years of experience of running successful creative industry mentoring schemes, have partnered to develop a mentoring scheme designed specifically for UK games businesses.

Building on the success of Nesta’s wider creative Business Mentor Network, the Video Game Mentoring Network has been set up by Ukie and Nesta to advise and nurture games businesses with an appetite for growth.

The scheme will be officially launched in April but games businesses are being invited to express their interest in being mentored now by contacting

Businesses joining the games mentoring network will receive:

  • One-to-one business mentoring in the form of 10 two-hour sessions over a 6-12 month period

  • An induction workshop at the start of the programme to get the most out of your mentoring sessions

  • Workshops and events designed to meet other members of the wider Network

  • Coaching support – in addition to mentoring

Ukie and Nesta want businesses of all sizes to apply to be mentored, from start-ups who have been established for less than two years, to established and high growth potential business who are looking to scale. They are also calling on potential mentors to express and interest in being part of the scheme. The minimum criteria for applying are simply that you must be a registered business that:

  • Has made or sold a game in the UK in the last 12 months or have a game ready to bring to market in the next six months.

  • Or you can also be a business that has launched a product or service in the UK that supports the creation and selling of games within the last 12 months.

  • Being a Ukie member automatically qualifies you to apply.

Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist said: “This partnership with Nesta gives games businesses an amazing opportunity to get first hand expert advice from people with proven track records in the games industry. Mentoring is invaluable both for mentees and for mentors. Our industry is especially good at collaborating and sharing stories and experiences so we encourage all businesses to apply and be part of the network.”

Mentors for the programme are being selected from successful leaders in the games industry, with experience of working in a variety of businesses from creating their own successful independent development studios and publishing companies, to working at senior levels for multinational games businesses. Individuals can express interest in becoming a mentor by contacting

Train2Game News: Icey Monty launch second gaming site

GamonautTrain2Game Student Studio Icey Monty has again expanded their online empire and have launched another new gaming site.

Joining their previous site which is full of the best browser based shooter games they have now released to house all styles of game and is a perfect house for their own games the studio releases.

Icey Monty has been going from strength to strength over the past year with getting work from Strongbow and releasing their gaming portals. They are a true inspiration for other Train2Game students and studios.

It seems nothing can stop this young studio from rising. Congratulations on the site launch guys.