Train2Game student studio has created Apps that are taking web based radio station into the future

Breeze Radio

Independent Train2Game student studio Derp Studios has been working with Breeze Radio to create Apps that will safeguard the radio station’s future distribution for years to come.

Successful digital radio station Breeze Radio drafted in the young team of Developers to handle creating its Apps. Breeze Radio has been taking steps to make sure it’s global network of listeners can be reached, as technology continues to develop in the ever changing radio broadcast sector.

Derp Studios were tasked with taking Breeze Radio to the next level of distribution before it arrives, creating Apps that will work alongside its digital distribution channels that will work for mobile and reach every corner of the globe. The apps have now been created and the station is ready for the next steps in its successful development, thanks to the team at Derp Studios.

Andy, setup Breeze Radio when he returned from active service previously of the Royal Engineers. He was working with other stations but found that regulations to make the stations more commercially successful were preventing him from delivering the radio he wanted to. He found that radio was no longer beneficial to the listeners and it wasn’t what they wanted to hear, there was too many adverts and not enough music. He wanted to play music people wanted to hear, not what the major labels were forcing people to listen to so they can make millions selling music.

With Andy’s background in the military and living abroad, he knew what the services and x pat communities wanted to hear. Using digital radio he could reach these communities. He planned to give them good radio without the countless adverts and lack of music variety. He wanted to play a selection of music people wanted to hear, not based on marketing demographics but on quality music that everyone would like. He started Breeze radio and found they actually paid more to keep going because they actually played more music than others so had to pay more royalties.

Breeze is now listened to in 128 countries worldwide with 6million listeners tuning in every week. The radio station has ditched the snobby and old fashioned AM/FM broadcasting model and now uses multiple online channels to handle Breeze’s distribution. This is not only cost affective but reaches a global audience, replacing the traditional radio model and overtaking traditional broadcast channels. Digital is also a better platform for receiving accurate data of listeners, rather than the outdated existing audience monitoring techniques.

But there is still one place web based radio is not the dominant broadcast channel; in the car. But that’s where Derp Studios fits in, it has created Android and Windows 8 Apps which mean Breeze can reach every area of the globe. In the near future you’ll be able to use these Apps to tune into Breeze in your car wherever you are in the world, through the 4G network. This will not only help Breeze reach its existing listeners wherever they are, it will also open up the entire world to the delights of Breeze Radio.

As well as building a successful station for all to enjoy Andy has not stopped at that. Breeze Radio now sell digital radios on the site with all profits going to charities across the globe that help with Autism awareness and childhood cancer.

Chris Ledger, Managing Director, Derp Studios: “It’s great to work with Breeze as we agree with their ethos of reaching people with a product that they want. With Breeze’s huge success we’re really pleased they chose us to safeguard them for the future.”


Andy: “It didn’t cost an arm and a leg but the end product is great. The Derp Studios team made a simple solution for a complicated problem. We’re now safely ready to continue to grow our listenership into the future. It’s not about the money for us, we do it for the love of the music and Derp Studios understood that.”

You can find out more about Train2Game, Breeze Radio and Derp Studios at these links


Train2Game News: Xbox One Launch Apps

Xbox OneMicrosoft have announced the apps that will be available for Gold subcribers from Xbox One’s launch.

This first wave of third-party apps will be joined by Microsoft’s Xbox Fitness, Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Internet Explorer, Skype, SkyDrive and Upload services on the Xbox One release date of November 22, 2013.

The list of apps for the United Kingdom are as follows:

Demand 5

There are a few differences in the launch apps for different countries.

This will of course be along side the many Windows 8 apps that are becoming more and more available.

Train2Game News: AppsWorld Reminder for T2G Students

AppsworldThe academic team will be at AppsWorld 2013. So if you need some one-to-one tuition or simply need a little help come to Stand M6.

The added bonus is this year’s Earls Court 2 event is set to be the biggest yet with over 250 exhibitors and over 8000+ attendees including developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals registered for two days of high level insight and discussion.

AppsWorld 22-23 October 2013 at Earls Court 2 Train2Game STAND NUMBER M6

To see more information about the event visit

The Train2Game London Connection 2013 at AppsWorld

Train2Game exhibiting where the global Apps market meets


This year Train2Game will hold its London Connection at AppsWorld,  22-23 October 2013, in Earls Court 2 along side 250 exhibitors and over 8000+ attendees including developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals registered for two days of high level insight and discussion.

Jan Telensky, Train2game, said, “For the first time we have moved our annual London Connection to AppsWorld where we hope to meet up with as many students as possible.

“Our move to AppsWorld reflects our strong relationship with Microsoft launching Apps on the Windows 8 platform, including Windows8 phones, both for games and non-games.

“We look forward to a great event, our students gaining even more knowledge, and some fun networking”.

Being showcased at AppsWorld will be both gaming and none gaming Apps showing the wide range of skill sets Train2Game students achieve. Members of Train2Game Student Studios will also attend.


For more information about all Train2Game courses including the new Apps courses please visit

Train2Game students on top of the world

THEY trained, they gamed and they conquered the world!

More than 295 students stayed awake for 48 hours over the weekend in a bid to create video games from scratch with a pledge from one of the world’s biggest software company, Microsoft, to publish them.

Microsoft has teamed up with the UK’s leading distance-learning college in an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records with the biggest Games Jam held at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton.

Dr Jan Telensky, majority owner of Train2Game, said: “It’s a gruelling 48 hours for the students, most of them stay awake but if they need to sleep they catch a nap at their desks or even under them.

“But the dedication and determination they show at creating brand new and exciting games from nothing is impressive – they work as teams under tremendous pressure often with team-mates they’ve never met before. For a student it is an incredible experience they have and it stands them in good stead for getting jobs in the industry in the future.”

Microsoft came up with the theme for the Games – Pride of London after the success of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics in the UK.

The teams had a field-day creating games using cartoons of Boris Johnson, London buses and all sorts of iconic images from the capital.

As the gamers worked through the night local MPs Gavin Shuker and Kelvin Hopkins paid a visit.

Mr Hopkins said: “Going for a world record attempt in Luton, particularly when it is to do with the burgeoning games industry, it will really help to put the area on the map.”

Mr Shuker agreed with him saying that “Train2Game was making a major contribution in the battle to get Britain back to work.”

And work was the name of the game as the students huddled in classrooms and labs at the university to create their games which ultimately could be released as apps world-wide by Microsoft.

Craig Moore, aged 30, from Milton Keynes, a member of team 32, said: “This was a massive learning curve but we hit the floor running. It’s been a fantastic experience.”

Chris Ledger, in his mid-twenties, from Cheltenham, said: “I was getting texts from my family and girlfriend – and my mates – in the middle of the night, it was great to have their support. I’m a wreck now but it was all worth it.”

Microsoft representatives at the ‘jam’ were impressed by the dedication shown by the gamers. Scott Henson, Senior director of Microsoft studios said “These students are going to be the heart beat of the industry in a few years. Events like this are incredibly helpful for young developers to flex their creative muscles.”