Train2Game News Students smash Kickstarter target


Ten days into Kickstarter campaign Train2Game Students successfully clear target with over £5,000 of additional investment

Ben Cooper and Rich Clark have smashed their target for card game Beardy Vikings on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The pair operating under the name Rounded Squarish have so far raised £7,855 of their original £2,000 target and are only ten days into their month long campaign.

Ruddy Vikings is a simple, fun, 2-4 player strategic card game in which players try and destroy each other’s hands using cunning strategies and epic Vikings. It usually takes between 5-30 minutes to play, depending on the number of players.

Ben Cooper, Rounded Squarish: “I came up with the idea of Ruddy Vikings, developing the core aspects and theme of the game in a hotel room in Milton Keynes! The game was then developed further by myself and Rich Clark. The artwork has been created by both myself and Rich Clark.”

“There were several games that inspired Ruddy Vikings. Although mechanically very different, games like Zombie dice shone out and appealed to the simplistic fun that we are so keen to promote. ”

“We felt that Vikings were an incredibly fun and varied race in which people could relate to. We also felt that our art style would fit Vikings perfectly. We love beards and this only helped make the choice of Vikings even easier. You can’t not have bearded Vikings!”

“Rounded Squarish was founded by myself and Rich Clark in 2011 whilst training with Train2Game. Our aim was to create small games that were incredibly fun and to try and infuse our humour into each title.”

“Studying with T2G gave me a core knowledge of how to go about creating great artwork for games. It also gave me the opportunity to work with other passionate, like minded individuals and enabled me to grow as an artist and designer.”

“I feel that other students would love this game and that supporting this combination of industries may unleash ideas from others. This community, from our experience, lives on the support of other creative minds. That is how we all progress and discover new opportunities.”

“The public, like others in the games industry, are becoming more and more aware of games and not just mobile, video games. Supporting this game and others like it allows for new games and more fun to be developed!”

“The long term plan for the card game is to enter the retail market. We plan to stock the game in shops around the country and, with luck, the world. We also plan to continue to expand the game further with different races. Rounded Squarish are continuing work on our first mobile game Print Jam, which should be out in a couple of months!”

“It is incredibly rewarding to see people getting behind the project and letting us know what they love and don’t love. That is how Ruddy Vikings is growing and I only hope that that never stops! The most amazing thing is knowing that people want this game to be created and we couldn’t be prouder.”

For more information on Ruddy Vikings and to support the game’s development, visit

Train2Game bringing City & Guilds qualifications to the games industry

Train2Game News Roundish Squarish looking for staff

Rounded SquarishA Train2Game student studio is looking for a Developer to join their team to take the studio to a new level.

Rounded Squarish have been together for 3 years and have taken the plunge and decided to make a go of turning the student studio into a professional one. The company are now fully registered through companies house and are now currently looking for a talented and enthusiastic programmer to join the team.

The studio are currently working digitally and this, for now at least, is going to be where all of the work is done. They do intend on meeting in person and after a few Skype meetings intend on organising this.

The first project that would be worked on with the new team member would be a small title called ‘Slinger: Monsters of the West’. This is an RTS Turret Defence type game with a splash of Rounded Squarish thrown in!

The player is placed into a world where the mythical land of monsters and the legendary era of the spaghetti western collide, fighting to defend their town and take back the west.

Development of the game is already under-way and several screenshots can be shown to give the potential staff an idea of what the studio is aiming to create.

They are initially looking to take it through to an early alpha stage within a short period of time and, following feedback, will look to persue it further, or continue onto other projects in the pipeline.

Ben Cooper of Roundish Sqaurish said “We are looking to this game as a way of getting to know the coder and see if they like working with us, and vice versa, and to find out if they share the same passion and enthusiasm as we do. That’s definitely the most important thing for us. We need to get on well with them and also to be able to rely on them. We also need to assess their abilities to ensure that they are at the right stage for where we want to take the games. We don’t want them feeling over (or under) whelmed by what we are trying to do.

We very much appreciate the early stage that we are at right now and that we may not get everything right and would love for any prospective team mates to appreciate this also. Unfortunately it does mean that, for now, the position is unpaid but we are really pushing to change this in the months to come!”

If anyone does want to get in touch, they can email Ben at:

You can follow the studio on Facebook at

Train2game News: Microsoft announce new accelerator programme companies


UK firms Gateway Interactive and 8 Bit Studios to begin 12-week programme in February

Microsoft has announced the new wave of companies that will take part in Microsoft Ventures’ London Accelerator programme.

The scheme has been piloted this year and provides support to start-ups for 12 weeks as they try to establish themselves as a business.

Twelve firms will be taking part in the 2014 programme, which kicks off on February 3rd. Two of these are gaming firms: Gateway Interactive, a studio based in the North East of England working on their inaugural title Pure Space, and 8-bit Studios, which is working on online multiplayer game Skara.

The successful applicants were named during a Microsoft event at London’s Canary Wharf, where the pilot companies of this year’s programme were able to show off their work and pitch for further support from other potential investors.

Two of the five pilot companies were games firms – Whispering Gibbon and GallantCloud – and all pilots have been invited to continue working with Microsoft at its new Accelerator headquarters, which is due to open in Whitechapel.

Microsoft UK’s managing director Michel Van der Bel told Develop: “These technology start-ups and entrepreneurs are the future success of our sector. The future of our economy will be based on the success of these start-ups.

Train2game student and GallantCloud member Ben Cooper said “i want to say thank you on behalf of the team for all the help Train2game gave us. It was very much appreciated and I believe we nailed the pitch!”

Source: Develop