Train2Game News: Derp Studios in The Radio Magazine

RadMag MS AdvertTrain2Game Student Studio, Derp Studios, has been featured in The Radio Magazine. The Radio Magazine is the only Radio magazine left in print.

Derp Studios is a studio primarily based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, and they have been working on a project recently to bring small radio stations on to Windows 8 devices. The first radio app that was developed was for RTI which is Eric Wiltshers very own station.

Eric used his own connections in the radio world and mentioned it to The Radio Magazine who loved the idea so much that they have done a two page spread on the story. The Radio Magazine is then shipped out to every major and minor radio station around the country.

Derp Studios has also been heavily supported by Microsoft themselves as they saw this as an incredible opportunity for their Windows 8 platform and have given the team an incredible amount of help.

You can read the magazine at the following link from page 18:

Train2Game would like to wish Derp Studios a massive congratulations and good luck for the future.

You can find out more about Derp at their website:

Train2Game News: Icey Monty featured in Newmarket News

Icey MontyThe success of Train2Game student studio, Icey Monty, has been noticed by studio founder Nick Walker’s local paper, Newmarket News.

The article in the paper talks about the success the young studio have been having lately and their recent partnership with Strongbow.

You can read the article in the link below.

Train2Game Student News Icey Monty Newmarket

Well done guys! Keep up the good work.

Train2Game News: Microsoft’s Accelerator Programme

Microsoft VenturesTrain2Game are looking for a team or studio that might be suitable to take part in Microsoft’s pilot for their Accelerator programme,

This is aimed at promising early-stage start ups. For 8 weeks the new studio would receive strong mentoring, technical guidance and connections to other start ups.

This is a highly sought after programme so your team (studio) would need to be already established and have collectively produced at least one game. The game may not have been published, but we will need to see at least one game that you’ve made.

The team should have between 2 and 5 members with at least one member of the team able to attend the Microsoft Accelerator offices in tech city, central London, Monday to Friday from 1st September for 8 weeks. Other members can work remotely but one member of the team must work from tech city.

Microsoft will work with the team to develop them into a fully fledged studio. The team, for example, may be one which has previously taken part in one of our game jams and has stayed together since, although this is just an example. All members of the team must be Train2Game students.

It is essential that all teams who wish to be considered apply to us through the correct route; please see Student World for more details of how to enter. Your entry must be in by 3pm on 14th August; entries received after this date cannot be considered.

We cannot guarantee that any team will be accepted into the Microsoft Accelerator programme but suitable teams will be put forward by us. Teams which we feel may be suitable will be contacted by us by 16th August 2013.

Good luck to all those who enter!

The Train2Game London Connection 2013 at AppsWorld

Train2Game exhibiting where the global Apps market meets


This year Train2Game will hold its London Connection at AppsWorld,  22-23 October 2013, in Earls Court 2 along side 250 exhibitors and over 8000+ attendees including developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, platform owners and industry professionals registered for two days of high level insight and discussion.

Jan Telensky, Train2game, said, “For the first time we have moved our annual London Connection to AppsWorld where we hope to meet up with as many students as possible.

“Our move to AppsWorld reflects our strong relationship with Microsoft launching Apps on the Windows 8 platform, including Windows8 phones, both for games and non-games.

“We look forward to a great event, our students gaining even more knowledge, and some fun networking”.

Being showcased at AppsWorld will be both gaming and none gaming Apps showing the wide range of skill sets Train2Game students achieve. Members of Train2Game Student Studios will also attend.


For more information about all Train2Game courses including the new Apps courses please visit

Train2Game News: Unity Update includes new platform support

unity-logoThe Unity engine has just been updated to 4.2 and it now includes support for Windows Phones, Windows Store and Blackberry 10.

In Unity 4.2, all users of the free version of Unity can publish to any mobile platform they wish, including Windows Phone 8, Windows Store, iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10, without any additional charge.

In addition, Unity Pro users will be able to use the Windows Store Pro deployment option, which includes the Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store apps platforms, free of charge.

Unity Pro users will have access to advanced Unity features when deploying their iOS, Android or BlackBerry 10 projects by if they choose to purchase Unity iOS Pro, Android Pro or BlackBerry 10 Pro Add-On products from the Unity Store.

A host of other features have also been added to the game development engine.

In the graphics realm, there’s now OpenGL ES 3.0 support for Android and static and dynamic batching for shadow casters and shadow collector pass.

The editor now has integrated version control support for Perforce, and, crucially, splatform switching, player building and asset importing can be cancelled, bringing greater flexibility to the software. Tweaks has also been made to the shader and texture importers to reduce the time spent switch between them.

Looking to the mobile development side, deferred lighting is now a feature on both Android and iOS, and there have been a number of usability upgrades for both platforms.

There have been improvements to other areas of the tool too, and you can read more about those, as well as more details on the features mentioned above on Unity’s blog page which you can find here,

The major change for the 4.2 update is support for the new platforms, which means the engine provider has effectively doubled its platform supports.