Train2Game News Age of Algorithms


The first of a portfolio of free online courses commissioned by Creative Skillset is now open for business.

Age of Algorithms, developed by London Geometry (LG), aims to equip professionals working in the Creative Industries with the necessary maths skills to enhance and advance their careers by working more effectively in technical environments. In addition, the game is attractive to anyone wishing to brush up and refresh their existing maths training and also has a wide appeal.

Set in a medieval environment, this 2D physics-based game sees the player firing cannonballs to hit balanced and stacked targets aided by the maths they learn in the game. Hints and tips allow players to progress quickly into the game with the levels getting gradually harder as the puzzle-like equations become more complex. Topics covered within the game include: triangle geometry, angles, trigonometry, radians, vectors, velocity displacement and projectile trajectories.

Developed in Unity, Age of Algorithms is a browser-based casual maths game for Internet Explorer (PC), Firefox (PC/Mac) and Safari (Mac).

Sue Harrison, e-Learning Project Manager at Creative Skillset says, “Our learning resources have to be engaging, interactive, fun and above all relevant in the spaces that we know professionals from the Creative Industries inhabit as well as producing a product for a wider audience. Age of Algorithms serves that core audience”.

Professor William Latham, Founding Director at London  Geometry says, “In Age of Algorithms we are pushing the boundaries of education by integrating maths learning into the domain of a physics-based casual game. We are combining fun and learning”.
Creative Skillset will roll out further free online courses in the coming weeks and months with content on film making for the web, brand storytelling, fashion, animation, creative collaboration, commercial photography, film production, and visual effects.

To start the free online course, register now on the Age of Algorithms website