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Former Train2Game student looking for community support in create his venture capitalist game that teaches economics.

George Quentin has created a business and economic simulator and needs your help to complete the game. The game is currently in prototype stage to show the gaming mechanic is possible. George now needs help in making it a full title.

The game lets players create their own business and select options to make it the most productive. Skill and financial guile will let the player become a global mega capitalist and earn billions.

George would like feedback from professionals in economics and students who have an eye for games design. There are educational elements to the game. George and team are considering providing the game to educational institutions as a learning tool.

If you’re interested in creating the venture capitalists of the future, George is giving you the chance to work on the game with him. He’s looking for support staff as well as community feedback.

George:  ‘The original goal was just to see if can make a game that bonds business and economics, I wasn’t really sure where it would lead me but I just gave it a go, and over time it became a serious idea that I should pursue. I love games that are very data driven and strategic, especially when there are many variations and randomness in them.’

‘The game is prototype of an upcoming business and economic simulator. Your goal is to build your company from the ground up. Where you will be able to trade internationally, gain reputation and make as much money for your company to survive and sustain growth. I thought it would be best to have the gameplay element focused on business where you manage and control your company.’

‘I can see room for many improvements because the game has loads of potential. Only two people are working on the game but I would like more. The more we worked on it, the more we kept thinking it would be a great tool for learning and enhancing knowledge, where people will be able to challenge themselves, gain a better understanding of both subjects.’

‘There are many benefits for making this. Given that these are some of the most studied topics taught in schools, colleges and universities. It would be fascinating tool for not only pupils but the wider community. This tool will help pupils further their learning and allow them to practice or exercise their skills in these areas.’

‘I was being ambitious when starting this and the whole idea was to try and make a game that would stimulate the world which led me to economical are. I don’t have a background in economics but I am looking to get those with that background on board or even get any feedback as I can from them. I’m looking for both QA and students of courses if possible.’

‘I am looking for suggestions and feedback on how it can be made or improved.’

– Suggestions of other games where they use similar styles and strategies.
– Gamification feedback
– In-game features suggestions
– The things that could be added
– The things that should be removed
– How we can install some narratives
– What elements/features would be great for education

‘I am definitely looking for guidance and direction on how best it can be built. This prototype only tells our point of view of how business and economics is implemented in a game. so feedback from other people will really give us an insight of what we are missing, especially those with economics or business background.’

‘My ambition as a game maker is to continue to develop my skills and work on as many creative ideas. I am ready for any criticism. That is exactly what I want to hear. I am hoping everyone will be honest. It will really help to know what frustrates people in the game. After all it’s just a prototype.’

See the game here and let us know your feedback

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