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Designed by the brazilian indie developers from Vortex Game Studios, the mobiSTICK is a mobile app that transform your mobile device into a fully customised joystick.

The first concept is from 2011, with an idea of using any mobile devices not just as input device, but as a support device too, with information about characters, maps and more… Something like what we have today on Wii U.

The research started in 2013, where lots of tests were created to develop a very nice and comfortable virtual gamepad using all that the device has to offer, like touchscreen, camera and accelerometer.

After 3 years of research the mobiSTICK, a virtual and fully customisable joystick is available for your smart device, but not just that, it is a joystick where the player can modify the entire experience from the app as the user wants!

In some tests, a template was built where the player is able to play some platform games using just one hand, creating lots of possibilities to adapt the app to include people with some motor difficulty back to games!

The mobiSTICK Alpha can be downloaded on the official website and very soon will go out on an Indiegogo campaign. Everyone can support the project on Thunderclap for free.

Official website:
Playing with mobiSTICK: