Train2Game News: “There’s a potential for mobile gaming to kill console gaming”

Mobile could kill console gaming by taking the largest percentage of the market. That’s the view of Ngmoco general manager Ben Cousins, formerly of DICE, Sony, and Lionhead.

Ngmoco just happen to develop mobile games.

“There’s a potential for mobile gaming to kill console gaming. I’m talking about a significant reduction of market share with no chance of return.” he said during a keynote at GDC Taipei, report Gamasutra.

“I believe that sometime during the next console generation, globally, both the revenue and the market share for games will be larger in mobile than it is for console.”

“I believe Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo won’t produce dedicated hardware past the next generation. Further, I believe traditional game companies like EA will be purchased by existing digital companies, or close entirely.” Cousins added.

There’s much more about the increasing rise of mobile gaming here, but will it ever eradicate console gaming? Or do you think it’s impossible that’ll you’ll throw your consoles away for mobile instead?

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