Train2Game News Develop Games Without Coding

Freejam, developers of the hit online game Robocraft with 13 million registered accounts are setting their sights on a new development adventure.

Gamecraft lets creators build games without ever needing to learn any coding. Everything in Gamecraft is built using blocks. There’s no need to pull up a complicated coding tool. Simply place blocks down, adjust their properties and wire them up to other block types to create your own games.

These can be shared online to be played by other players. There are already hundreds of games shared by the community that can be played right now.

Early in development: Gamecraft is smashing the barriers of entry for creativity!

As the game continues to evolve and the tools to create improve, the quality and diversity of games available to play will increase. Players will reap the rewards of playing hundreds of games across a multitude of genres, from first person shooters, vehicle simulators and platformers to fully playable arcade games and pinball machines. 

Creators have already shared over 700 playable games and 60 blueprint sets. Other creators can download these, place them in their game, expand upon it and then upload their own games online for others to play.

Recently, Gamecraft released a new update called Blueprints. Game director Mark Simmons who leads the team at Freejam said:

“Whether you’re a player and you want to try out the hundreds of games other people have made, or a creator and want to design fun games for others to play, the Blueprints update improves the quality and experience for everyone.

This is just the first of many major updates we have planned for Gamecraft and we’re hoping players will stay with us on our journey to make creating, sharing and playing better for everyone.”

“With the recent blueprints update, I can upload one of my designs, someone else can download it and use it at their level. Or they can take my design, expand upon it and then create something else.

At the moment myself and a few members from the community are collaborating on a train track set where we are each designing various track pieces, trains and carriages. It’s easy to collaborate and we are looking forward to seeing how the community create together”

“Unlike other game making platforms, we want Gamecraft to be accessible, powerful and fun to use.

It’s important that we get that right and as we work towards online multiplayer, players will also be able to build entire games together which will lead to better games for everyone to play.”

Gamecraft is now available for PC and is currently in Early Access on Steam.