Train2Game News: L.A. Noire production designer Simon Wood to host BAFTA masterclass

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L.A. Noire production designer Simon Wood is hosting a BAFTA masterclass at the end of this month, giving you the chance to learn about game design, art & animation and more from the BAFTA-nominated former Rockstar man.

He’ll also be discussing his role on projects including The Getaway and L.A. Noire in what would be a very interesting event for Train2Game students to attend.

Simon started as an Industrial designer before crossing over into films and working on The Phantom Menace, Tomorrow Never Dies and Thunderbirds. He then settled in as the Production Designer at Sony Europe (PlayStation) on The Getaway series.”

“Haven spoken extensively at conferences around the world, Simon will be describing his role on projects and then discussing ‘good art’, ‘good design’ and the creative processes as a whole.” reads the statement from BAFTA.

BAFTA Masterclass: Multiplatform Production Design with LA Noire BAFTA-Nominee Simon Wood takes place from 19:00 on Tuesday 31st July at The Hospital Club in central London. For more information, and to buy tickets, visit the BAFTA website.

There’s more about L.A. Noire and its impressive motion-captured facial animation here on The Train2Game Blog, while be sure to keep reading for the latest from BAFTA.

Will you be attending the production design masterclass?

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