Train2Game student industry experience diary: Jonny Robinson at DR Studios – weeks 27& 32

Train2Game designer Jonny Robinson is on a Train2Game work placement at DR Studios. In his latest industry experience diaries, he details what he’s been up at the Milton Keynes based game developer, in addition to telling us about the latest goings on in his Make Something Unreal Live team, Commando Kiwi.

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Train2Game Game Designer Chris Robinson – Industry Experience Diary No.1

Train2Game Game Designer Chris Robinson writes about his experiences on a Train2Game student work placement. Chris is on placement at DR Studios. You read can it here on the Train2Game blog, or on the official Train2Game industry experiences.

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Train2Game Student Robin Channon – Industry Experience Diary No. 2

Another post by Train2Game Game Design student Robin Channon about his Train2Game work placement at DR Studios. You can also read it here on the official Train2Game student industry experiences website.

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