Train2Game game developers: how to be a ‘kick-ass’ coder

Train2Game students on the Game Development course will be especially interested in this, a blog on how to become a ‘kick-ass’ gameplay coder.

It’s the latest in the #altdevblogaday series, and comes from FreeStyleGames’ Andy Bastable. It contains some excellent advice on how to become a great coder and is something that Train2Game game development students would benefit from reading!

One tip is the importance of working with the rest of the game development team, the game designers and artists, even if you don’t necessarily agree with what they want to do…

“Being an awesome gameplay coder means leaving that cynical attitude by the door. Yes, you may not like the feature you are tasked with all that much – and you may not even think it’ll work that well, but keep an open mind and you may be surprised by how it develops.”

“Work with designers and artists, and not against them. That doesn’t mean not speaking up when something is wildly unrealistic, or bound to contradict several TRCs – but it does mean being willing to try out things that don’t get all your creative juices flowing at first glance.” Writes Bastable.

Train2Game students can read the full ‘How to be a kick-ass gameplay coder’ piece at #altdevblogaday.

A previous #altdevblogaday post, mentioned here on the Train2Game blog demonstrated the importance of getting involved with Game Jams. Fortunately, next month’s Train2Game & Epic Game Jam will give some Train2Game students this opportunity.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the tips for becoming a kick-ass coder? And what tips would you give to others?

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[Source: #altdevblogaday]