iPhone game Angry Birds merchandise heading to High Street

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In recent weeks the Train2Game blog has been reporting on the rise of social media and casual games, and all evidence does point to the genre becoming more and more successful in future.

When it comes to the realm of Facebook, Cityville is currently the most popular standalone game with over 100 million users playing in the less than two months since it was released. However, when it comes to casual games for mobile phones Angry Birds is King.

Angry Birds is the most popular game on the iPhone, with over 50 million downloads and is an almost permanent fixture in the top paid software chart in the Apple App store. Now this success looks like it could lead to even more revenue for developers Rovio, with Angry Birds merchandise now seemingly set to invade the High Street. It’s something that Train2Game students may dream of seeing happen with their own games!

Speaking to MCV, Rovio spokesperson Ville Heijari said:

“We have licensing agents in North America and Europe going through various opportunities. We want to address fans of all ages with fun and inspiring Angry Birds merchandise – solid products that will contribute to building a strong brand.”

“The full console games will be available later in 2011. We’re looking at digital distribution as our main channel at the moment, but have not ruled out boxed games.”

Yes, you read that correctly Train2Game blog reader, later this year it may be entirely possible to walk into a High Street retailer and buy a game that first appeared on the iPhone.

Cuddly toys and mobile phone covers are already available, while Rovio say stationary, board games and clothing are also on the way.

Game PR boss Neil Ashurst says Angry Birds “will become like Harry Potter in terms of the enthusiasm around it.”

There is certainly a lot of enthusiasm around the casual mobile game, with the New York Post reporting that a TV series could be on the way! Would any Train2Game students like to see games they create made into a broadcast series?

Whatever happens with Angry Birds in future, it’s already clear that mobile gaming could be a very lucrative market for a Train2Game student development team.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the ever rising success of Angry Birds? Have you played it? Is it worth the hype? And would you like to see games you develop end up with merchandise including pencil cases and board games!?

As usual, you can leave your thoughts here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

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Cut the Rope sales reach 3 million

Cut the Rope

Indie iPhone game ‘Cut the Rope’ has sold more than three million units through the Apple App Store since being released at the beginning of October.

The relatively simple game costs just 59p and blends physics orientated gameplay as players’ feed dangling candy to a little green creature called Om Nom. The cute graphics, the simple but addictive gameplay and its low price have all helped Cut the Rope achieve the very impressive three million sales world wide in a short space of time.

Developers Zeptolab have used the landmark sales number to announce that Cut the Rope will soon be getting a free update:

“We thank all of the amazing fans who have shared the joyful fun Cut the Rope offers with friends and family to make it a phenomenal success,” said Efim Voinov, CTO of ZeptoLab.

“The 1.1 update is just the beginning; we hope to release an additional update just in time for the holidays and bring even more action-packed, Om Nom excitement to your fingertips!”

You can check out the Cut the Rope 1.1 update teaser trailer below.

Cut the Rope is a brilliant example of how a simple game developed for a smart phone, can go a long way and bring success to a small indie developer. iPhone games like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds are getting more and more popular, and have even recently been recognised as part of BAFTA.

The low price of games such as Cut the Rope also plays a part in the success, but you don’t need to be a mathematician to realise that 59p multiplied by three million means a lot of money!

Developing a game for an iPhone – or indeed any other smartphone – could provide a group of Train2Game students with a great start in the games industry. Indeed, during last months Train2Game webinar, veteran video games developer Jon Hare pointed out that a small team could build a simple game from scratch in as little as four months, and that simple games like Angry Birds sell very well. Dave Sharp added that successful iPhone games – such as Cut the Rope – can be quite basic, are very well produced, which adds to appeal.

If you’ve yet to try out Cut the Rope, you can buy it for just 59p at the iPhone App Store.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the success of Cut the Rope? Have you played it? If so why do you think it has been so successful? And do you think that developing a simple iPhone game could provide you with your first big break in the video games development industry?

You can leave your thoughts about Cut the Rope, iPhone games and breaking into the games industry here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.