Train2Game Christmas competition 2010 – The result

The result is in!  After a very closely fought Christmas competition we finally have the winner, and it was very very close.  By a winning margin of just half a point, the victors are …. <drum roll> … Horizon Studios!

Congratulations to Marty and the rest of the gang at Horizon studios.  Everyone involved with the judging was impressed with the amount of work covered by the team in just 10 days and the game they developed was fun and was close to the competition brief.

Who did they pip by just half a point?   Rampage Designs!  Well done to Aaron and his crew, it was very tight between them and Horizon Studios.

“Firstly I just want to thank everyone who took part for their efforts.” said Dave Sharp of Train2Game.

“Mete, Rory and I enjoyed playing the games and overall the standard was very high.   We’re looking forward to working on the game now and bringing it to life on the iPad.  Everyone that submitted a game should be proud of their efforts, there were some good game ideas.  I hope the teams to can continue to develop the games they have started and take them forward.”

You can discuss the Train2Game Christmas competition result here on the Train2Game blog or on the Train2Game forum.

Train2Game Christmas Competition now closed

The Train2Game Christmas Competition is now closed.  The deadline for entries passed at 4pm on Monday 20th December with seven Train2Game student teams having submitted entries.

The DR Studios team will shortly be playing and assessing the seven games with the winning entry being revealed in January. The winning team will see there game – based around a postcode map of the UK – published on the iPad through DR Studios.

Anyone interested in seeing what the Train2Game student teams have developed can do so thanks to this thread from IndigoWhite on the Train2Game forum, which contains a link to all of the games in one torrent.

You can see the judging criteria for the Train2Game Christmas Competition, here on the Train2Game forum.

Of course, once the winners of the Train2Game Christmas Competition are announced, the results will be here on the Train2Game blog.

Train2Game Christmas Competition 2010

Train2Game Christmas Competition Map

Train2Game has launched a competition that will see the winning team have their game released on the iPad by DR Studios!

The game will be released in the second quarter of 2011 with the winning Train2Game student team credited as the originators of the title and taking share of the revenue along with a donation to the Princes Trust Charity

The team challenge involves making a game based around using the UK postcode map above. The Train2Game student team made came must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Games must be developed in GameMaker only.
  • There are no restrictions on the game type or genre
  • There are no restrictions on art style or look and feel
  • The game must include multi-player in some form, either 2,3 or 4.
  • The base image must not be changed in any way.

The style and tempo of the game is entirely down to the Train2Game student teams, and the final product will be assessed on ingenuity, innovation and playability.

Teams submitting games need to meet these criteria, with no exceptions:

  • The competition is open to Train2Game students aged 17 or over
  • All team members must be current Train2Game students.
  • Teams can include between 2 and 5 members.
  • Students can only take part in one team and are not allowed to members of multiple teams

To enter, Train2Game students must gather their team of 2-5 people together, name it, make a list of team members complete with contact details, and nominate captain and send this in an email to

The competition closes on the 20th of December at 4pm, with the winning team being revealed in January.

For more information, and full terms and conditions, please see the competition thread on the Train2Game forum.

Good luck!