Train2Game student Fee Stewart presents her 2nd Video Diary

Train2Game student video diary from  Train2Game Artist & Animator Fee Stewart. In her second Train2Game video diary, Fee tells us about her time at The EuroGamer Expo and Women In Games Conference, and reveals her latest TMA score. Watch Fee’s video diary below, right here on The Train2Game blog.

You can also see Fee’s first Train2Game video diary here.

What are your thoughts on Fee’s second Train2Game video diary?

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Train2Game student video diary from Kimberley Caseres

Train2Game video diary from Train2Game student Kimberley Caseres. In this video diary, Kimberley discusses how she fits her Train2Game Game Design course around the rest of her life. Watch it below.

You can also see Kimberley speaking to Train2Game at the Eurogamer Expo here on the Train2Game blog.

Train2Game student Fabiano Dias video diary No.2

Train2Game student Fabiano Dias has posted his second Train2Game student video diary. In this installment, Fabiano talks about passing his first exam and gives us an insight into his course. He also discusses some of the challenges of the Train2Game Art & Animation course and offers advice to other Train2Game students.

Watch Fabiano’s latest Train2Game student diary on the Official Train2Game YouTube channel, or below here on the Train2Game blog.

See Fabiano’s first Train2Game video diary here.