Train2Game News: Amazon leaks GTA V for PC

Grand Theft Auto V Amazon has added fuel to the rumour mill and listed GTA V for PC for pre order. This adds to many strong rumours the port is coming.

The PC version of the high selling Grand Theft Auto V went live on France and Germany’s Amazon pages and I am sure they will get a strong worded letter from developers Rocksteady asking for this not to happen again. Amazon France has already taken the product down. Neither page had a release date for the game so there wasn’t too much damage done.

Multiple industry sources had already said a PC version of GTA5 would happen, and they said by 31st March 2014 – roughly six months after the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Grand Theft Auto 4, by comparison, added a PC version eight months after the console release.

With the game being all but confirmed for PC what does this mean for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 port? Will it happen so they can take advantage of the higher processing power or will Rockstar start work on something else? Time will tell.