Train2Game News: Windows 8 sees the light and goes to the Cloud

Microsoft has joined forces with, Any Games Any Where Instantly (Agawi) to bring Cloud gaming to Windows 8.

The company Agawi, formerly known as iSwifter, has just released version 2.0 which allows streaming of everything from social games to triple A titles on to current supported devices is now bringing its services to Windows 8.

Some big name titles will be available for instant play on Windows 8 devices with no additional work from developers and Agawi encourages more companies to contact them about having their game ported to the cloud.

Microsoft VP Walid Abu-Hadba said “Game developers want to focus on building great games, not worrying about back-end issues like scalability and platform management

“With Windows Azure, Agawi 2.0 enables developers to make high-performance games easily accessible across devices with the high-quality graphics and virtually instant game downloads. For gamers, Windows 8 delivers a fast, fluid and no-compromise experience that opens the door to exciting new form factors.”

Agawi demoed their Windows 8 service at Cloud Gaming USA in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday.

With the Games Jam tomorrow, knowing that Windows 8 is using the Cloud, the games that are released could have a wider audience.