Train2Game News: Unity partners with GameAnalytics

unity-logoGameAnalytics, a fast-growing free analytics provider, and Unity Technologies have partnered in order to bring the powerful GameAnalytics tools into the Unity Asset Store Online Services Strategic Partner program.

“During the last nine years, Unity has truly managed to democratize game development for the creative teams. GameAnalytics is on a mission to follow up from where the Unity engine ends and enable game developers of all sizes to monitor and optimize everything easily, from user acquisition to game design based on hard facts,” explained Morten E. Wulff, CEO of GameAnalytics. He continued: “Improvements based on performance metrics are essential to success in today’s free-to-play marketplace.”

GameAnalytics was founded in 2012 with $2.5m in funding from notable investors such as the CEO of Huffington Post, Jimmy Maymann, and TechCruch’s founder, Michael Arrington. Like Unity, GameAnalytics is a Danish company. It now supports almost 4,000 games and tracks more than 30 million new players each month.

One of the secrets behind GameAnalytics’ explosive growth is how easy it is for Unity developers to get started. As the CEO of Roadhouse, James Hursthouse, explained: “For us, the deep integration between GameAnalytics and Unity meant that we were up and running with 45+ important metrics in a few hours of development time.” James continued: “Today, more than 15 people from our company log in to GameAnalytics every day as one of the tools we use to check KPIs on everything from player acquisition and engagement to in-game monetization.”

“GameAnalytics has been committed to bringing analytics to the Unity community from the day they started the company,” stated David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies. “Analytics is an important part of launching a successful game and with GameAnalytics working with us in the Unity Asset Store Online Services Program, that will be easier than ever for development studios of all sizes.”

This could be a very helpful tool for Train2Game students and student studios using Unity to create their games.