Train2Game News Sandbox Game Maker

Sandbox ChurchPlatinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker is now on Steam Greenlight and needs your positive votes to become available for all.

The game maker features in game editing, coop editing, dynamic lighting, crossplatform support and advanced networking with the goal of adding visual scripting and many more features. Users will be able to rapidly create games of many different genres and require little to no prior coding experience. Sandbox is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and is based on the Cube 2 Engine.

The developer, Mike, originally started the Project in 2007 because he wanted the kids in his before and afterschool program to be able to create more than just 2D art on the computers, he wanted them to be able to create worlds and stories. He wanted them to be able to unleash their imaginations and walk around in what they created. Mike ended up releasing the project online and it ended up taking off and now is being used worldwide.

Mike said “The project is free and open source and will always have a free and open source version but to help fund the development and new features a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Project has been started to help fund a commercial version. The commercial version would be too intensive graphically for schools but I’m hoping to port over a lot of the core features so that everyone can benefit if the commercial version is a success.”

You can view a whole list of the features at

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