UK Charts: Toy Story 3 stays Number One

Toy Story 3

The toys are still in town

Toy Story 3 is once again top of the UK All Formats chart. It’s the third week at number one for the movie tie in, which is more than any other previous Disney game. Toy Story 3 is one of only four titles that have been number one this year with Red Dead Redemption, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and Just Dance being the others.

In fact, Rockstars hugely successful western Red Dead Redemption got close to claiming the number one spot once more after rising from fifth to second, while Dance on Broadway is still going strong in third.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 shows it still has some magic left with its rise from fourth to eighth. The biggest riser of the week is Nintendo DS game Art Academy which jumps twenty three places from twenty eighth to fifth place in its second week in the charts.

Just Dance still remains in the top 10 and holds onto sixth place this week while Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Starry Skies is also a non-mover in seventh.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t quite become the UK’s best ever selling game just yet after a drop in sales sees it move down to eighth from last weeks second.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 remains in ninth place while there’s just one new entry into the top ten this week with Madden NFL 11 sneaking into tenth in its first week.

Meanwhile, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has crashed out of the top ten from fourth place last week to twelfth this time around. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has also slipped out of the top ten, dropping one place to eleventh. By far the biggest loser in the top forty is Crackdown 2 which drops fifteen places from twenty fifth to fortieth. Crackdown 2 held the top spot for two weeks as recently as one month ago!

The full ELSPA GfK Chart-Track All Formats top then is as follows:

1. Toy Story 3 (Disney Interactive)
2. Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar)
3. Dance on Broadway (Ubisoft)
4. LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (Warner Interactive)
5. Art Academy (Nintendo)
6. Just Dance (Ubisoft)
7. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision)
9. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo)
10. Madden NFL 11 (EA)

So Train2Game, how long will Toy Story 3 remain top of the pile? What game to you think will knock it off top spot?

Has Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty dropped out of the top ten for good, or will it return? Will Modern Warfare 2 finally become the UK’s best selling game of all-time next week? And why has Crackdown 2 suffered such a fall from grace?

As usual, leave your thoughts here or on the Train2Game forum.

The future of gaming, according to Stan Lee

Video games are not only one of the greatest forms of entertainment, but will in future, become a key part of a single system – That’s the opinion of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

Speaking to a BBC reporter at Activision’s impressive E3 event, the veteran comics publisher spoke very positively of video games.

“I love games, I’m no good at them myself, but I love to watch people play them and I love to watch people play the games.

And I think it’s one of the greatest methods of entertainment, and I think it’s only at the beginning now, it’s burgeoning, growing.

….There was a survey and it said the average age of game players now is mid 20s to mid 30s, it’s no longer just a kids thing and it’s a wonderful form of entertainment.

Because you’re seeing the story, but you’re participating in the story and what can be better than that?”

Stan Lee is certainly right about the growth of the games industry. It’s amazing to think how far it’s come in such a relatively short space of time – just compare how Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Nintendo Wii looks compared to the first ever Super Mario Bros, released on the NES just over 20 years ago!

And with new innovations in recent years like motion controllers – including PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect –  and 3D gaming, in addition to ever  more photo-realistic graphics, who knows where the games industry will be in another 20 years time! The big name Games Designers, Games Developers, and Games Artist and Animators of the future – who could very well be current Train2Game students – could be revealing absolutely mind blowing new innovations at E3 2030! (In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the key events from the current E3 2010, you can catch up with developments here)

When asked about the future of video games by BBC reporter Daniel Emery, Stan Lee only sees great things:

“I think they’ll get better and better. I think the whole of entertainment is coming together, sort of homogenising.

You’re going to have comic books, you’re going to have cartoons, movies, television, video games and music.

They’re all becoming one thing and you’ll be able to watch it on your little telephone screen when you’re travelling, then everybody’s going to want the biggest TV set, bigger than his neighbour.

It’s incredible. Everybody wants the biggest TV set and the smallest little thing to watch it on, but everything will be on one screen eventually, including video games and everything else.”

If Stan Lee’s predictions do come to pass, it’s entirely possible that Train2Game course graduates could be designing games that will be accessible to anyone through a single multi-purpose entertainment system.  Are the first steps towards this already happening? Possibly, with OnLive going live tomorrow (Thursday 17th June) we could be seeing the future of gaming, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Of course, smart phones such as the iPhone already provide people with multiple forms of entertainment – including games – in one place, and as we’ve discussed previously on the Train2Game blog, the iPhone could give a Train2Game student their big break.

The video games industry has a very bright future, and as a Train2Game graduate, you could very well be a part of it. Do you think you could end up developing games for a home entertainment hub? As usual let us know here on this blog, or on the Train2Game Forum.