Train2Game News: 2014 Classical Music charts

FF7 OrchestraWith a new year comes a new chance to get some of your favourite video game music in to the charts!

Voting in the 2014 Classic FM Hall of Fame is OPEN and once again you can help to see video game scores represented in the World’s BIGGEST poll of classical music tastes by voting for your favourite classical bit of gaming music. You can vote for any orchestral video game score or arrangement – many are in the voting database already but you can also enter your own and the only stipulation is it must be orchestral.

This year many scores are lumped together into one entry, including last year’s #3 (Final Fantasy Series, Nobuo Uematsu) and #5 (Elder Scrolls Series, Jeremy Soule). You get to make three votes and this year we want people to vote for their favourites and get gaming communities they’re part of to vote for their favourites to. We want to see as many pieces of game music in there as possible!

The more game music that can be put in to the charts the better as it will further strengthen Video Games as a form of art in this world.

So what are you waiting for! Go to to vote! And follow what happens at and @classicvgmusic on twitter. Spread the word and lets get our favourite game music to the world!

Train2Game news: Sir Paul McCartney writing music for a video game

Train2Game students may be interested to hear that The Beatles Sir Paul McCartney is currently composing music for an as of yet unannounced video game.

“It’s a fascinating market. A new computer game sells so much better than a new CD these days. Young people will hear my music for the first time in a game.” McCartney is quoted as saying by The Daily Express.

Of course, this won’t be Sir Paul’s first foray into video games, having helped EA with releasing The Beatles Rock Band in 2009.

As Train2Game students will be aware, a good musical score can really add something to a video game, and isn’t something that should be treated lightly during game development.

And as reported by The Train2Game Blog last year, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West from Ninja Theory, Shogun 2: Total War from The Creative Assembly and James Bond 007: Blood Stone published by Activision saw their in-game compositions nominated for the prestigious Ivor Novello Award.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Sir Paul McCartney composing music for a video game? And which games do you think have great musical scores?

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[Source: Develop]

Ivor Novello ‘Best Original Video Game Score’ nominees revealed

As Train2Game students will no doubt be aware, in the musical score can be an important factor in determining the feel of a game.  Now three games which are highly regarded for their in-game music have been nominated for Best Original Video Game Score at the 56th Ivor Novello Awards.

The three titles are Enslaved: Odyssey to the West from Ninja Theory, Shogun 2: Total War from The Creative Assembly and James Bond 007: Blood Stone published by Activision.

Blood Stone was also nominated for Best Original Music at last months Video Game BAFTAs, but lost out on the award to Heavy Rain.

Last years Ivor Novello Awards were the first to include an award for Best Original Video Game Score with Killzone 2 taking the prize.

Those interested in the creation of video game music should have a look at this Train2Game blog post which takes an in-depth look at the making of Red Dead Redemption’s musical score.

So Train2Game, which game do you believe deserves to win the Ivor Novello for Best Original Video Game Score? How important is music in games? And which in-game score is your favourite?

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[Source: The Ivors]