Train2Game News Piano Opera music from Final Fantasy


La Fée Sauvage and Sound of Faeries have the extreme honor to announce the first world tour of PIANO OPERA : music from FINAL FANTASY!

Produced by SQUARE ENIX, “PIANO OPERA : music from FINAL FANTASY” is the official piano concert dedicated to the music of the video game series FINAL FANTASY. Supervised by original composer Nobuo Uematsu, the PIANO OPERA series comes live on stage in 12 countries, and for the first time outside of Japan.

Relive the most beautiful and famous music of the series through the noble and majestic sound of a grand concert piano, focusing mostly on the popular FINAL FANTASY VI, VII, VIII and IX!

To enhance the experience, a never before seen in-concert video edit of game footage will be displayed on the giant screen along with the music, portraying all the most intense moments of action and emotion of the saga!

The concert will feature belobed songs such as Ami, The Man with a Machine Gun, Roses of May, Not Alone, Liberi Fatali, Melodies Of Life, Fight On!, Cosmo Canyon and Words Drowned by Fireworks among others. A brand new musical experience filled with emotions!

Come meet worldwide acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu and pianist Hiroyuki Nakayama on stage for a new exceptional FINAL FANTASY experience !

Click here to see the PIANO OPERA World Tour Trailer

Tickets presale for all cities at our official shop from 25 June :!

For each concerts, 150 VIP tickets are available to Meet&Greet acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu and pianist Hiroyuki Nakayama (sign and photo for each attendant).

The first 6 cities to go on-sale are :
London / United Kingdom – 15 November 2015 – Coronet Theatre
Buy from 1st July at Ticketmaster

New York / USA – 26 February 2016 – Baruch Performing Art Academy (Mason Hall)
Buy from 1st July at Ticketfly

Los Angeles / USA – 28 February 2016 – Wilshire Ebell Theatre
Buy from 1st July at Ticketfly

Paris / France – 7 November 2015 – Le Bataclan
Buy from 1st July at France Billet

Brussels / Belgium – 9 November 2015 – Le Theatre Saint Michel
Buy from 1st July at Fnac

Stockholm / Sweden – 12 November 2015 – Musikaliska
Buy from 24 June at Musikalika

Additional cities will go on sale from early September. Check the official FACEBOOK page for the latest updates :

Train2Game News Final Symphony

Final SymphonyFollowing the unprecedented, sell-out success of its FINAL FANTASY video game concert series, Final Symphony, production company Merregnon Studios is pleased to announce that it is working with celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu and the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra on a brand new digital album recording of the concert for release in early 2015.

Published by leading digital music distributor, X5 Music Group, Final Symphony the album represents a new benchmark in video game music production. Befitting both the composer and orchestra behind the album, Final Symphony will be completely recorded, mixed and mastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios, with Nobuo Uematsu on hand to personally supervise the album’s production. Also featuring the talents of conductor Eckehard Stier and solo pianist Katharina Treutler, both of whom delighted audiences during the award-winning tour, Final Symphony is sure to enchant music fans when it launches globally next year.

In another exciting announcement that continues to reinforce video game music as one the most electrifying and fastest growing genres of classical music, UK radio station Classic FM, the biggest classical music radio station in the world, will exclusively broadcast part of the Final Symphony recording as a world-premiere before the album’s launch next year.

“It is always an honour to hear my work being performed live on stage, but in bringing Final Symphony to Abbey Road Studios I hope that many more people will now be able to enjoy the outstanding arrangements that Merregnon Studios has become famous for,” said Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. “To work with the London Symphony Orchestra in a studio that has played host to many of my own personal, musical heroes will be a very special experience.”

“For me, this album marks the ultimate video game music production,” commented Merregnon Studios’ Thomas Böcker, producer of Final Symphony. “It was an absolute musical privilege to work with the London Symphony Orchestra on Final Symphony last year – the orchestra’s first ever live performance of music from a video game – and to have them back in the same room as Nobuo Uematsu at Abbey Road Studios is like hitting the video game music jackpot. This album will showcase video game music at its very highest quality and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Final Symphony is an officially licensed series of concerts featuring symphonic music from the video games Final Fantasy VI, VII and X, with exclusive arrangements penned by Masashi Hamauzu, Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo. First performed in May 2013, Final Symphony has enjoyed sell-out success in Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, featuring the virtuoso talents of some of the world’s leading orchestras and soloists.

The album also marks the second collaboration between Merregnon Studios and X5 Music Group, following the recent digital launch of Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo, a concert featuring music from Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Kingdom Hearts and Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross and is available to purchase now from all leading digital music retailers.

Train2Game News: 2014 Classical Music charts

FF7 OrchestraWith a new year comes a new chance to get some of your favourite video game music in to the charts!

Voting in the 2014 Classic FM Hall of Fame is OPEN and once again you can help to see video game scores represented in the World’s BIGGEST poll of classical music tastes by voting for your favourite classical bit of gaming music. You can vote for any orchestral video game score or arrangement – many are in the voting database already but you can also enter your own and the only stipulation is it must be orchestral.

This year many scores are lumped together into one entry, including last year’s #3 (Final Fantasy Series, Nobuo Uematsu) and #5 (Elder Scrolls Series, Jeremy Soule). You get to make three votes and this year we want people to vote for their favourites and get gaming communities they’re part of to vote for their favourites to. We want to see as many pieces of game music in there as possible!

The more game music that can be put in to the charts the better as it will further strengthen Video Games as a form of art in this world.

So what are you waiting for! Go to to vote! And follow what happens at and @classicvgmusic on twitter. Spread the word and lets get our favourite game music to the world!

Train2Game News: Game music on Classic FM

Aerith's ThemeEver since I became your Train2Game blogger I have been contacted by a PR Guy for some of the biggest games developers. He has been leading his own personal campaign.

The guy I am talking about is a man called Mark Robins. Mark is a 13-year games industry veteran who used to work as a journalist at Computec and Future Publishing before moving into PR. The firm he works at, Lunch PR, is an agency whose clients include Bethesda Softworks.

The campaign he has been leading is to get some of the orchestral game music more well known. Robins’ campaign made amazing headway last year and recorded amazing success. Thanks to his efforts, he and his followers not only propelled Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy 7 and the theme from Skyrim into the Classic FM Hall of Fame, but Classic FM produced a pair of two-hour shows featuring nothing but video game music.

Mark has been using his contacts he gets through his job to ask for there help in spreading the word about his cause.

He firstly stresses “This campaign has nothing, nor has it ever had, anything to do with any of the clients I represent”

He goes on to say “This is a purely personal crusade. Skyrim made the Hall of Fame thanks to community motivation by Bethesda’s social media team. It’s no secret that I run the campaign, but I don’t actively tell people who I am via the social media channels and I’m actually really keen to keep this as distant from my work as possible.

“One of the interesting things I found when I started this was just how accepting the people at Classic FM were of the music. To them the revelation was, ‘Oh, we thought game music was all beeps and bloops, but actually this stuff is great. If Mozart or Beethoven were alive today then who’s to say this isn’t the stuff they’d be composing. It absolutely sits alongside movie and traditional classical music.'”

This year Robins is encouraging people to vote for Nobuo Uematsu’s soundtrack to Final Fantasy 7 again. He points out that thanks to last year’s voting effort there is now loads of video game music in Classic FM’s voting database, making it easy for people to highlight particular favourites. He also encourages fans of classical game music to join the Facebook group – not just to rock the vote, but also to share their enthusiasm.

This is great news for the games industry as it further cements the games industry as a main stream art form. I think it would be a good idea to further spread the news of this around to as many people as we can.