Train2Game News: Next Xbox name rumours

Xbox 360sMore rumours have hit the web today about the next generation Xbox Console. This time regarding the name of the system.

Fusible have noticed that Microsoft have registered several domain names using “Xbox Fusion” including,,,, amongst others. Xbox has other names registered such as and

Names being kicked around include the Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox Infinite, Xbox Gold, Xbox 8, Xbox Durango, Xbox Next and more but Xbox Fusion seems more likely to be the name of the next console.

Microsoft may have balanced the risk of a leak versus the embarrassment they suffered during the Halo 4 and Kinect launches when it turned out that they hadn’t registered the domains ahead of time, ensuring that they were forced to buy them from those who were quick enough to grab them before Microsoft could.

I am personally quite glad, if the rumours are true, they are moving on from the 360 name. It is a new beginning and I never liked the idea of just doubling the number. It seemed a bit lazy to me.

The details of what this could mean along with other details should all be announced on the day all Microsoft fans are looking forward to, May 21. This is the day that Microsoft will be making a huge announcement on.