Train2Game News Big Bad Bosses parody album


The Big Bad Bosses (B3) are pleased to present their debut videogame parody album.

Power Overwhelming, featuring Jake “virt” Kaufman’s (Shovel Knight, Shantae, Contra 4) music and lyrics with vocal performances by YouTube personalities Jirdard Khalil (Big Bow) of the Completionist and Super Beard Bros, Nathan Smith (Sephy) of Nate Wants to Battle, Alex Faciane (Ronik) of The Dex and Super Beard Bros, Satchell Drakes (G-Ca$h) of Satchbags Goods, and several special guests. Over the course of ten original and hilarious parody tracks, B3 gives voice to fan-favorite videogame villains as they rap and croon about the lot they’ve been dealt. Videogame fans can get a taste of B3’s antics in their debut music video for “I’m The Boss” featured above.

Power Overwhelming is available now wherever digital music is sold, and will be available on CD and vinyl in the near future:

Power Overwhelming on iTunes
Power Overwhelming on Bandcamp

“Big Bad Bosses has been in the works for a long while” comments Jirard “Big Bow” Khalil. “I’ve been wanting to work with Jake Kaufman for years, and after hearing the Shovel Knight soundtrack I knew it was time. I always thought it would be funny yet endearing to see into the hearts of the most famous videogame villains and to try to understand how they feel in the form of song, and the album came together better than anyone involved could have imagined.”

Presented in the styles of late-’90s and early 2000s hip-hop and produced by Jirard Khalil’s new TOVG Records venture, Power Overwhelming explores unexpected sides of videogame villains that every gamer knows and loves. Special guests include Grant Kirkhope (composer of Banjo Kazooie and GoldenEye 64), Dale North (Mint Potion, composer/remixer), Arin Hanson (Egoraptor of Game Grumps), Anna Brisbane (BrizzyVoices), Kellie Whisler (The Dex), Brent Black (brentalfloss), Andrew Stein (MandoPony), MatPat (Game Theory), Jesse Cox, and Zan Alda (ZanMan72).

Stay tuned to the band’s official website for more information and for updates on the upcoming CD and vinyl releases of Power Overwhelming:

Big Bad Bosses Official Website