Train2Game News Motivation by Muir Halleron

Muir HalleronIt is, once again, that wonderful time of the year.
A time of peace, giving, and holiday cheer
when you hang up the stockings, put on your cap,
then eat loads of food ’til you take a long nap.

The children are happy, with all of their toys
whilst the adults wear earplugs because of the noise.
Your schedule is hectic, your waistline is tragic
with all the food arriving as if by magic.

Some alone time is highly improbable,
As for your coursework, well, it’s impossible
to get anything done this time of year.
Put it aside and be of good cheer.

After the hustle and bustle is done
you can sit yourself down and continue the fun
of modules and TMAs,
and lessons plans on dreary days.

Getting back into things may seem a chore,
but plough on through despite the bore
of sitting and reading, not getting much done.
Try to remember the past battles you’ve won.

The challenges you’ve faced, the pits you’ve hurdled,
while staring at the screen until your sight curdled.
Remember the feeling when completing a task
that you had thought was too much to ask?

Hold on to that hope, that joyful soul stirring,
the feeling of pride and know that you’re winning.
You’re one step closer than you’ve ever been,
So open that book and let the games begin!