Train2Game News: Injustice Gods Among us choose your winner! – Week 3

Green Arrow and Solomon GrundyTrain2Game is bringing you the results of the Injustice: Gods Among us battle arena for week 3!

You can now witness the ferocity of this week’s battles by watching two all-new videos featuring the first extended gameplay of Aquaman, Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy and Cyborg.

Aquaman faced Cyborg in a showdown of slick gadgetry versus aquatic prowess, while Green Lantern battled Solomon Grundy in a brutal matchup of raw strength and spacefaring technology. You can witness the results in the videos below showing the energetic action featuring the DC Stars.

Following those two epic battles you can now vote for the winners of week four of the tournament which is the last week of the quarter finals!

This week’s challengers include none other than the Man of Steel himself, Superman, who will need to call upon all of his Kryptonian strength as he faces the master of fear and leader of the Yellow Lanterns, Sinestro. Rounding out this week’s matchups, the always vigilant archer, Green Arrow, faces off against the immortal and acrobatic Hawkgirl.

You can view these all-new Injustice Battle Arena videos, analyzing each contender’s strengths and offering celebrity commentary on the matches, below

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