Train2Game News Game Jam 2014 Results!

The Train2Game Game Jam is over for another year and there was some top quality games created at the event this year.

The Judges; Andrew McCartney of Microsoft Ventures, Jon Hare of Sensible Software fame, Ian Johnson Apps world founder, Professor Carsten Maple from the University of Bedfordshire and Clive Robert of DR Studios began judging at 2pm on the Sunday and by 6pm they were ready to announce their decision.

There were three categories the teams could win in; Teamwork, Most innovative and Best Game.

Train2Game Principal Myra Smallman announced they couldn’t choose between two teams regarding the Teamwork category so two teams were victorious: Level X Games and Unity Dreamers.

Next up Andrew McCartney announced the winner of the most innovative game which was Horatio the Hamster by Basement Games. The team consisted of Train2Game Students:

Tabi ‘Fitsy’ Polson – Designer
Simon Corder – Level design and QA
Dan Knight – Developer
Lybert Mancedo – Artist
Ash ‘Little Dave’ Fayers – Developer

Finally Jon Hare was to announce the winner of the Best Game which was 1HP left with their game Nom! This made the day extra special for artist, Neil Gorman as it was also his birthday yesterday! The team consisted of Train2Game Students:

Nigel Clarke – Team Captain/Developer
Sam Hawkins – Game/Level Designer
Amanda Blatch – 3D/2D Artist
Daniele Morisco – Developer
Neil Gorman – 3D Artist/Animator

A massive congratulations to the winners and well done to all the students who took part it was a great weekend and I hope it was a good birthday for Neil Gorman!

You can enjoy the pictures from the final day of the 2014 Train2Game Game Jam in the gallery below:

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