Train2Game News Wobbledogs Available Today

Developer Animal Uprising and publisher Secret Mode are thrilled to announce the launch of Wobbledogs on Steam today. After six years of development and a year in Early Access where it received Overwhelmingly Positive user reviews, players can today jump in and discover the weird and wonderful world of this colourful mutant pet simulator.

Launching today, Wobbledogs is a 3D pet simulation that allows players to manage their own kennel of mutating dogs, hatched from eggs and simulated in incredible detail all the way down to their wibbly-wobbly guts.  

Wobbledogs is a casual and relaxed sandbox experience for players of all ages who want to care for their very own virtual pets in a surprising, unique, and stress-free environment. The dogs start out relatively normal but mutate and behave in unexpected ways as the game progresses and their evolutionary lines advance.  

Wobbledogs is launching out of Early Accesswith a whole host of features including resizable decorations, customisable dog dens, an anti-gravity machine, ghostly hauntings and additional surprises. Like its colourful canine characters, Wobbledogs will continue to evolve with new content and game updates after launch.  

“There’s nothing quite like Wobbledogs out there.” said James Schall, Director of Publishing at Secret Mode. “It allows gamers to simulate a dog living its best life, right down to its guts! With all the creative craziness going on in the game, we’re always thrilled to see the next generation of wobbly dogs out there as player share the madcap exploits that their newfound canine friends get up to.”  

“Wobbledogs is by far the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on,” said Tom Astle, founder of Animal Uprising. “I’m super proud of what it’s turned into and I’m incredibly grateful to the wonderful community that’s grown around it during its time in Early Access. I can’t wait for everyone who’s been looking forward to the full release to finally get their paws on it, and I hope you all enjoy!”  

Wobbledogs launches today onSteam for $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99. For more information visit  

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Train2Game News Zool Redimensioned Coming Soon

Retro gaming fans rejoice! Secret Mode and Sumo Digital Academy are proud to announce Zool Redimensioned coming to Steam on August 18th.

Originally released by Gremlin Graphics in 1992 on the Amiga to critical acclaim, iconic gaming mascot Zool returns in Zool Redimensioned! 

This brand-new reimagining of the classic action platforming adventure has been rebuilt from the ground up for modern audiences. Help Zool jump, spin, and shoot his way across eight alien worlds, taking down menacing bosses and saving the universe from the nefarious influence of Krool.

Zool Redimensioned has been brought back to life by the students of Sumo Digital Academy, a talent development programme focused on creating new pathways into the games industry. With guidance from the developers of the 1992 original at Gremlin Graphics, this team of talented young developers earned their coding wings by programming their own C++ game engine to bring Zool to a new generation of retro gamers.

Zool’s old school platforming action will challenge the most hardcore gamers, with modern enhancements that bring the game into the 21st century: 

  • Over 28 retro platforming challenges, all enhanced for the best possible experience
  • Choose between two main game modes: Redimensioned for a more accessible modern experience, or Ultimate Ninja to experience a true hardcore challenge
  • Trade blows with the dimension’s most dangerous creatures in seven completely redesigned boss fights
  • Discover new secrets, challenges, and extras across your adventure, with over 25 achievements to unlock
  • Enhanced quality-of-life options, including a level select screen, checkpoints, accessibility options and more
  • Play the original Mega Drive version for a truly authentic retro adventure

Zool Redimensioned will also be coming to consoles in the near future, so stay tuned!