Train2Game News Fantasy Grounds free first month


Fantasy Grounds, the premier virtual tabletop, is offering subscriptions to its digital gaming table free for 30 days, with no commitment.

Included with your free subscription or purchased license are the D&D Basic Rules so you can play the original roleplaying game with your friends online. Enhance your games with licensed or compatible content for D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and more, such as core rulesets, adventures, token packs, map packs and portrait packs, most at 25% off or more until December 1 st at their store: .

“While Fantasy Grounds works well online, in-person games also benefit from the program since you can run it without having a connection to the internet. This is something that you can’t do easily, or at all, with other virtual tabletops.” said Doug Davison, President of Smiteworks, the company behind Fantasy Grounds. Davison continues, “Some Game Masters run Fantasy Grounds on their laptop or desktop and output a view to a TV, projector, or second display to show players hand-outs or battle maps while they play.”

Fantasy Grounds is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Max OSX. It’s available at the publisher’s website or on Steam

The Fantasy Grounds Autumn Sale includes:

·         Base Software: Core licenses are 25% off.

·         D&D Licensed Content: The modules for the PHB (Complete Core Class Pack) and the MM (Complete Core Monster Pack) are 40% off. The adventures are all also discounted, and some of those are at significant discounts.

·         Pathfinder Compatible Content: We have a host of adventures and content on sale for 25%-80% off from numerous publishers. The PFRPG ruleset comes standard with all licenses

·         Savage Worlds Content: Savage Worlds is a fast-playing, fun and flexible system with custom settings such as Deadlands Reloaded. Settings span the range from fantasy, to horror, to pulp to modern and sci-fi, all on sale from 10% – 25% off.

·         Call of Cthulhu Content: The lore made popular by H.P. Lovecraft is alive and well on the Fantasy Grounds system. You can enjoy these now for 25-33% off, especially on popular modules such as Masks of Nyarlahotep or Shadows of Yog-Sothoth.

·         Token, Map, and Portrait Packs: Tokens are the miniatures of the digital world. Whether you need 1 troll or 13 trolls, you’ll always have the perfect number. Improve your game and support artists at the same time – many now at a discount