Train2Game News: Microsoft buy Gears of War

Gears Of WarMicrosoft have announced that they have purchased the Gears of War intellectual property from Epic.

Microsoft purchased the Gears franchise from Epic to allow the unreal engine creators to concentrate on other projects that are already in the pipelines.

Microsoft have also announced that Canadian studio, Black Tusk will be in charge of creating the next game with Gears of War veteran Rod Fergusson in charge of overseeing the project. He was former director of production at Epic Games before leaving to help BioShock Infinite get out of the door. He said his new job “really feels like a homecoming”.

Clifford Bleszinski has confirmed that he will not be working on the next Gears game in any capacity.

“I’m not going to move to Vancouver and work on it,” Bleszinski said on his Clifford Unchained blog. “I’m not going to consult on it. 343 knocked it out of the park with Halo and I think Black Tusk will do a fantastic job with Gears”

Microsoft and Black Tusk will release more news on the next Gears of War game later on in the year.