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npnf, inc., a company funded by SK Planet, Korea’s leading mobile content and services provider, released a platform to help developers build mobile games faster.

According to the Developer Economics Report for Q3 2014 from Vision Mobile, 57% of games are below the “app poverty level”, generating less than $500 per month. The report concludes: The more games a developer ships, the more likely they are to be financially successful. Yet, 70% of game developers have shipped less than 4 titles in the lifetime of their business.

The npnf platform was built to help developers quickly solve recurring gaming problems so they can focus on what makes their game fun. By integrating the platform, npnf’s internal first party team was able to reduce development time by two full months. The platform separates configuration from implementation, which means configuration changes have no impact on the client code. Even better, it means that developers don’t need to resubmit their app to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store when they tweak a configuration.

Chris Lee, CSO, explains: “It’s critical for first party studios, like us, to build as many quality games as quickly as possible. To do that, you’ve got to have a better starting point when you set out to build a new title- and that’s where our platform plays such a crucial role. It lays down a foundation so that we don’t have to start from scratch every time.”

The npnf platform supports user management, player inventory, virtual currency, and energy. The latest version, released this month, adds support for loot tables, gacha, fusion, evolution, and crafting. For those building a Games as a Service (GaaS), the platform supports seamless expansion of game content, versioning of your configurations on a per release basis, and (coming soon) a portal for your operations team to support your players.

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