Train2Game News Student Overcomes Odds


Student won’t let Epilepsy stop him from reaching his goal to be a Video Games Artist and create a successful gaming studio

Aspiring games designer studying with Train2Game won’t let his condition and ‘flashing images’ stop him starting a gaming studio and getting a position as an Artist

Scott is originally from Swansea and now living in Woking, Surrey. The 31 year old is currently studying Art and Animation with Train2Game. Scott was diagnosed with intractable Epilepsy caused by band heterotopia when he was eleven.

Scott Evin William’s mother originally assumed it was flashing images from his Sega Master System that caused his epileptic fits. But after taking away the gaming system, Doctors informed the family this wasn’t the case for his specific condition.

In a twist of fate it could now be gaming that really changes Scott’s life for the better. He’s studying with Train2Game to become a Video Games Developer, has started his own studio and is hoping to get employment at a gaming studio in the future.

Living with Epilepsy

“I had a febrile convulsion when I was three.  At nine I was diagnosed with epilepsy mum took away my Master System 2 because she thought it caused the fits. Thinking it was photosensitive epilepsy with the flashing images but this was not correct.”

“Diagnosed with Epilepsy initially I continued with everyday life, pretty good normal childhood. When I reached a working age it really took more of a chunk out of my life than expected; what I could, and couldn’t do for work.”

“My fits can happen at any time. I was out shopping for food, had a fit and collapsed on the shop floor, but a few minutes later got up and continued on shopping, for me it’s just part of my life. I really just accept its part of my life and my family are very supportive about it, but the most important thing is just accept it, move on and forward.”

Studying with Train2Game

“I started Train2Game at the end of 2010. I pay for the course myself and finances are not a problem, its simple monthly payments.  I aim to be done by the end of next year, hopefully with no personal health issues which have caused time delays in the past.”

“Home study is both challenging and rewarding, making sure to keep good time and also make lots of notes. With the support of tutors it really is a place where if you want to make a career out of games, Train2Game can offer many exclusive help and practical events.”

“There are some very challenging parts in the course where I passed exams but you also have to vigorously go over the course material. With progress comes the experience, there is theory that is important to know but a hands on practical approach is what is encouraged from a Train2Game student”

“The tutors, the administration and the Train2Game staff all keep up a great helpful, positive attitude, very good listeners and give help and guidance needed to keep you focused. Forming into teams means you get more from it by networking with those who are at an advanced stage within the course, it’s a great helping hand.”

“Train2Game gives me a relaxing environment of having the tools and books, even extra software to download and learn for a broader skillset, as a result most of the time its very relaxing and as easy-going or intense as I choose it to be, but as long as I get a lesson done I feel nice and relaxed which is great in any case and with my condition.”

“I have the utmost confidence in the course to take me to art director status and there’s no real reason why I will not pass, I grow more confident with every completed lesson so the end goal is only a matter of time.”

Game Studio

“I created a professional studio called ‘Icebox Games Studio’. Our website I created is created for the students who are designers, artists and developers. The layout of my student studio is based on the fact it might be best working freelance from home, so we all work from different locations.”

“Our primary goal is to create levels or playable games to gain experience and knowledge, we also share opinions and support each other with coursework. My role in the team is generally looking after everyone’s interests. I am team leader but treat everyone as equals, so we all share ideas and opinions.”

“We are looking over various ideas for games and are working on some, I personally work with CryENGINE3, but the team has a varied array of skillsets mostly geared toward Unity 4, meaning when we feel we can create a game that looks good in different formats.”

What’s next

“My dream is to be accredited as Lead Artist or Art Director in the opening credits of a game. That  will be when I have a few games under my belt and feel ready to take on such a great role. What I don’t do is put a stop or limit what I can learn. Long after becoming a qualified Artist and Animator, the path into gaming, it will be my choice of where to stop.”

“I know what I simply cannot do, short of that no, I will never stop wanting to learn and helping out other people. Whatever your goal just ask yourself two questions, what is stopping you and who can help you achieve the ultimate your goal. Nobody with a disability should feel any different, if a course that Train2Game provides appeals to you then go for it.”