Train2Game Student Diaries James Bouckley EMPLOYED BY UNITY!

Train2game student James Bouckley has been on the T2G Work Placement scheme and has now found FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT – Well Done James!!!

James picks up the story:

Week 20 w/e 20/7/12

Why leave the good news until the end, I got a full time job at Unity!

This means my diary entries will be coming to a close soon but I’ll keep anyone who reads them updated until the end.  So apart from the amazing news had a fairly good week in terms of work done too.

In the game there was a bug where if all the spawn points for the enemies were on the camera at once then it threw and exception.  I fixed this by, if all of them were on the screen at once, the enemies spawn from the one furthest from the player.

Previously we had a system where power packs needed to be put on a dispensing machine whilst you fought off enemies.  When the energy of the machine was full it would dispense items.  I’ve changed it now so that instead there are waves of enemies and the last one you kill dispenses items.  There was also a fairly major memory leak in the script that made items between you and the camera invisible which I have now fixed and also made it so that multiple things at once can become invisible.

Aside from the game Graham has asked me to write a beginners guide to asset bundles.  I finished the first draft on Friday but I am yet to hear people’s opinions on it.

To sum up: new job! YES!

Barriers of entry into industry “being blown away” say Remedy (Good news for Train2Game students then!)

Remedy logo

In a statement that Train2Game students may mind surprising coming from a big developer, Alan Wake producers Remedy believe casual and social games are very good for the games industry.

Last week, the Train2Game blog reported on Angry Birds reaching 200 million downloads; it’s just one sign of how huge this relatively new sector of the games industry has become.

And Remedy Executive Vice President Aki Järvilehto believes that this is a positive thing, which allows easier entry into the games industry – some Train2Game are likely to see themselves getting their first job in a mobile development role.

“I think the market is changing in a radical fashion. Barriers of entry are literally being blown away. New business models are booming and this is not about devaluation,” Järvilehto told Industry Gamers.

“Facebook is doing tremendous things to gaming and attracting completely new people to enjoy different more casual and social games. I can’t see how the fact that mainstream consumers are finally embracing our industry could be negative. After all isn’t that what we’ve been hoping for since forever?”

“Games and gaming as an experience is certainly changing – platforms are evolving and developers and consuming is evolving with it” Järvilehto concluded.

Facebook games have certainly become popular, with the Train2Game blog previously reporting on the success of titles such as Cityville.

Last month, the Train2Game blog even reported that the role of a Game Designer is even more important for a casual title; so working on one could provide a Train2Game student with large amounts of experience!

Meanwhile, earlier this month the Train2Game blog revealed how Remedy believe game developers learn from their mistakes.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Järvilehto’s comments? Do you agree with his views about casual games? Can you see yourself developing one in future?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Industry Gamers]