Train2Game News Nokia classic Snake on Facebook

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, brings the classic snake game up to date with augmented reality. Snake Mask and Snake Real World filters bring the iconic game to a new generation of fans.

The addictive premise of the game remains the same, but with a fun AR twist, fans can now be the apple-munching Snakes. Snake Mask utilises new Facebook AR technology to bring Snake to the widest audience possible.

Snake at the zoo? Snake at the beach? Snake… on a plane? Now it’s all possible when Snake is on Facebook camera. Plus, with Facebook Live integration, it’s straightforward to broadcast gameplay live to the Facebook news feed, allowing friends to join the action.

The all-new Snake Mask uses the front-facing camera of Nokia smartphones running Android™ to allow players to turn themselves into the iconic Snake character, reacting to the motion of the player’s face. Snake Real World activates the rear-facing camera.

To celebrate the release of the updated Nokia classic, comedian and YouTuber Matt Keck, the man behind the accidentally hilarious viral sensation, “I’m a Snake” which received 23 million hits on YouTube, tested out Snake on Facebook camera. Matt has recreated his own viral hit, this time using the Snake Mask filter to show off the brilliant new features.

Pekka Rantala, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of HMD Global said: “The world famous game snaked its way back into people’s hearts at MWC in 2017 when we announced Snake for Facebook Messenger.

It was designed for a new social generation; fans could invite friends to play and share scores making it even more playable than first time round. This was the first time in Snake’s history that it went onto a universal channel, rather than a device preload, and it gained 121 million players around the world.

Now we launch an even more immersive experience to fans by allowing them to be the snake itself and eat the apples with filters available on Facebook camera – here at HMD Global we are bringing the much-loved gaming icon to a new AR era.”

The camera effect can be accessed via the Facebook camera and is universally available, not just to Nokia smartphones. It is available on Android and iOS.

HMD Global is encouraging players to share the most unusual places they play the game using the hashtag #imasnake2.

How to play

1. Open the Facebook app
2. Click the camera Icon top left to open Facebook Camera
3. Scroll to the Snake Mask
4. Ssstart to play!

Matt Keck YouTube #imasnake2:

Train2Game News Create Facebook Instant Games Using Gideros

Leading open source games development kit, GiderosMobile, has added the ability to export to the popular Facebook Instant Games platform in their latest 2018.3 update.

Gideros allows you to code your game for multiple platforms using the same API and enhanced Lua programming language. One of the key features of Gideros is the ability to code, then quickly test your game live on the target platform – with Gideros you can make code changes then instantly test how the changes affect your Facebook Instant Game!

The process of adding the new export to Gideros started in early 2018…

“The first task was to get in touch with the right people to speak to at Facebook that would allow us to join the platform. I went to London games week in January to track them down – luckily, I was successful. The Facebook team have been great at providing us with enough information to create the export.” said Anthony Ball, one of the contributors to Gideros.

To make it suitable for the new platform, Gideros had to be made more efficient – both in terms of size and speed – that job became the responsibility of Nicolas Bouquet, the main Gideros coder and responsible for the original HTML5 export.

“When I began working on Instant Games for Gideros, I thought the work would be merely to package a standard HTML5 export for new platform – I was both right and wrong!” says Nicolas.

“Gideros has had HTML5 export for years, but Facebook Instant Games brings both a deployment framework and specific gaming services, for this Gideros had to make use of specific Facebook APIs. First, I had to modify our HTML5 apps loading system to play nicely with the Instant Games launch screen, then make a ‘player’ to ease further development. This allowed me to quickly code and test integration with instant games API. Then I had to put it all together and have gideros tools export projects specifically for instant games. All this work has allowed us to greatly improve gideros performances in HTML5 – now twice as fast as it used to be!”

Gideros brings some unique features to creating Facebook Instant Games:

  • Live asset and code uploading from the studio directly into your Facebook Instant Game for quick and easy development (both on desktop and Android).
  • Direct feedback from your game into the studio to help debug your code.
  • Support for Facebook ads and other Facebook Instant Game features.
  • Go from code to a fully built Facebook Instant Game in seconds, no compile time!
  • Fully open source development kit with regular updates and a great support community.

Download now from:

Train2Game News Facebook partner with Unity

Recently Facebook have said that over 550 million people play games that are connected with Facebook every month on desktop, mobile and console, now it’s hoping to grow that number with a new partnership with Unity.
“Our mission is to give people the power to discover, play and share the games they love with the people they care about,” said Facebook’s Leo Olebe.

“Unity is the world’s leading game development platform. It’s great to be working with them to help developers find new audiences for the games they pour their hearts into.”

The alliance will include Facebook integration within Unity and a new PC gaming platform. Developers can apply now to be involved.

“Developers channel their talent and passion into creating amazing games, but development is only part of the challenge,” added Elliot Solomon, VP of Business Development at Unity.

“Integrating tools that provide effortless access to Facebook’s network is a key part of helping developers find the success they deserve.”


Train2Game News Facebook buy Oculus Rift

Oculus RiftThe news broke last night that Facebook has bought the Oculus Rift firm for $2 billion. The company is working on a virtual reality headset.

Oculus Rift got off the ground thanks to Kickstarter funding which allowed them to work on their virtual reality headset which would allow for extremely immersive gaming. Oculus’ crowdfunding campaign raised $2.4m, 10 times the amount originally sought, it then received a further $75m from investors. The Oculus Rift has yet to be released, but more than 75,000 orders for development kits have already been placed.

In a statement released by the Social Media Company, Facebook said it plans to expand the use of Oculus technologies to include “communications, media and entertainment, education and other areas”.

Commenting on the deal, Mr Zuckerberg said: “Mobile is the platform of today, and now we’re also getting ready for the platforms of tomorrow.”

The deal includes $400m in cash and just over 23 million Facebook shares, valued at $1.6bn. Oculus employees will also receive an additional $300m if the company achieves certain targets.

How this will affect the future of Oculus Rift is yet to be seen but the future is definitely on its way.

Source: BBC News

Train2Game News: Train2Game Winners Facebook page

For all of those who asked, Train2Game Winners now has it’s own Facebook page! You can follow the page and get updated with all the new students that are updated.

If you want to see what your fellow students have accomplished head over to the Facebook page and give it a like!

The link for the page is here.

Train2Game News: Facebook gaming rising

facebookToday, Facebook announced that is has made significant updates to its Unity SDK and removed it from Beta.

Facebook is now making it even easier for more than 2 million developers working with Unity to tap into Facebook’s leading social features. The newest version of the SDK makes cross-platform development easier and increases compatibility for apps using multiple plugins. Additionally, the SDK is up to date with the latest features of Facebook’s iOS and Android SDKs.

The updated SDK makes it simple for games to let users share screen shots of their game experience with friends. This feature is very popular among players of Cmune’s Uberstrike, a game that recently integrated our SDK. Users share over 65,000 pictures a day and have shared over 2 million pictures in the last 30 days. Other Unity games using the SDK are also having great success. For example, Madfinger launched its mobile only game, Shadowgun: Deadzone on Facebook and increased its total daily players by more than 75% for the first couple weeks. Since integrating the SDK, Nival’s strategy and combat game, Kings Bounty: Legions, has doubled conversion of Facebook users who install the Unity plugin and start the game’s first fight.

Gaming on Facebook has been gaining momentum throughout the year and there’s never been a better time for gamers and developers to start working with Facebook. In the first half of this year, people spent more than $1.5 billion on games on Facebook, and there are now more than 260 million people playing games on Facebook every month.  Last year, over 100 developers generated more than $1M in revenue from Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook also released Q3 earnings, announcing that it was Facebook’s first $2 billion quarter in terms of revenue. The “payments and other” revenue in Q3 was $218 million and payments revenue from games was up 18% from last year.

Train2Game News: A new SDK to make Unity games better on Facebook

unity-logoAt Unity’s developer conference, Unite, in Vancouver, BC, a new cross-platform SDK was launched that makes it faster and easier to integrate your Unity game with Facebook.

Facebook has a relevant and engaged audience of gamers that mobile developers can reach by publishing their games on Facebook, and the SDK makes bringing a mobile game to web as simple as writing one line of code. By filling out a few fields in the developer app and giving Facebook the URL of your game object, you can bring your mobile game to a whole new audience of avid gamers on Facebook.

As more graphics-rich web games come to, players want to stay immersed in the game experience while connecting with friends, and the SDK helps you do that. The developers have built native Unity dialogs for inviting friends, requests, and sharing, so people can stay in full-screen mode when they interact with social features, creating a richer, smoother web game experience for players.

Madfinger used the SDK to bring their mobile game Shadowgun:Deadzone to, opening up a new growth platform for the game with minimal effort. The number of active Facebook users with Unity installed more than tripled in the first half of 2013, and today more than 90 million monthly active users have Unity installed on the web.

You can get started connecting your gamers with their friends across platforms by downloading the SDK from the developer site or from the Unity Asset Store and reading the documentation.

Train2Game News: Mark Zuckerberg working to connect the world

mark zuckerbergFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has just announced the formation of, a group with the specific goal of helping make the internet available to the entire world.

It’s a partnership with a number of prominent technology companies — Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Samsung are among the founding members — that will join forces for a number of initiatives they hope will bring connectivity to the two-thirds of the globe that currently don’t have an easy way to get online.

According to the press release announcing the initiative, is taking aim at three specific challenges. Affordability, for which the founders will be developing cheaper means of access, including smartphones; data efficiency, in which they’ll focus on compression and other techniques that will allow services to use less bandwidth; and access itself. For the latter,’s members will focus on developing business models that will incentivize companies of all types to provide cheaper, more plentiful internet access in the targeted regions.

In connection with the launch, Zuckerberg has posted a mission statement laying out some early goals and approaches is looking at, while framing its ambitions as an issue of human rights rather than business concerns. “I’m focused on this because I believe it is one of the greatest challenges of our generation,” Zuckerberg writes. “The unfair economic reality is that those already on Facebook have way more money than the rest of the world combined, so it may not actually be profitable for us to serve the next few billion people for a very long time, if ever. But we believe everyone deserves to be connected.”

If Zuckerberg and his team succeed in this venture, not only will it be great for those unable to connect at the minute to have access to the knowledge of the internet, but it will also mean that the market for games will grow exponentially.

Train2Game News: Unity game engine developers working with Facebook

unity-logoUnity technologies is working with Facebook to improve the games on the social media site. This is good news for Train2Game students who are using the engine to develop games.

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, have announced its collaboration with Facebook to launch an improved Unity experience on the social platform. The collaboration will improve the user experience of Unity games, continue to drive core games that build on the Unity Web Player, and make it easy for developers to build amazing cross-platform experiences.

With over 200 million global installs, the Unity Web Player is the best solution for core games and AAA visuals on the web, making the collaboration with Facebook a natural fit. Unity’s construction of a new social network API in the Unity Web Player has enabled Facebook to improve the “full screen” and the “full canvas” experience of Unity games by eliminating the need to leave full screen for social interaction, and to make it easier for developer to integrate tightly with Facebook’s social graph. Over 75m active Facebook users have installed the Unity Web Player to enjoy popular Unity games such as Offensive Combat, Robot Rising, Wizard of Oz, Uberstrike, Kings Bounty and I AM Playr. The new integrations will help make these existing experiences better while laying the foundation for further Unity Web Player adoption and feature expansion.

“The Unity Web Player is an incredible browser based platform for core games”, said Sean Ryan, Director of Games Partnerships, Facebook, “People on Facebook are looking for the type of immersive games that have traditionally existed on consoles and desktop PCs. This collaboration will drive discovery of the Unity Web Player for Facebook users, make it easier for Unity games to integrate with Facebook, improve the full-screen experience on our games platform, and make it easier for these developers to build cross platform games across desktop and mobile.”

“The experience of playing a Unity game in Facebook is vastly improved in Unity 4, and working with Facebook makes it even better,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “We are already seeing an amazing crop of quality games coming to Facebook, and can’t wait to see how developers make use of this new opportunity.”

As an addition to the recently released Unity 4.1 update, Unity 4.1.1 includes the new social network API. Unity 4.1 includes a complete overhaul of the Memory Profiler, updates to the Mecanim Animation system, Apple AirPlay support, and new shader features. To download the latest product cycle release for Unity 4 visit

Train2Game News: New Facebook video channel for Developers

Facebook Developers LiveFacebook have launched a new video channel which could be incredibly useful for Train2Game students.

Facebook has launched a video channel, known as Developers Live, to help developers stay up to date with the latest technology news and tutorials. The curated channel features live, recorded and interactive broadcasts.

Through this new channel, Facebook aims to give developers a central place to learn about the latest tools and to give them access to the product managers and engineers who created them.

Initially, Developers Live will cover:

• Mobile development – how to go deeper and grow your apps with Facebook

• Game development – how to build better games across web and mobile

• Websites and publishing – how to use Facebook to drive traffic

The first Developers Live event is schedule for February 19th and will feature Facebook’s director of product, Doug Purdy. Mr Purdy will discuss the top three things every mobile developer needs to know in 2013.

This could prove to be incredibly valuable for Train2Game students and give them insight in to what other Developers are thinking and working towards. I advice all Train2Game students to get involved with this new initiative.

If you would like to find out more you can visit Developers Live on Facebook