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Using only a smartphone and a VR headset, cross-platform network vTime allows users to meet and interact with people around the globe.

Networking with friends or alone, users are able to enjoy music, and share images, videos, and spherical media in rich virtual environments. From the majestic beauty of nature through to futuristic urban landscapes, vTime transforms the smartphone into a passport to the metaverse.

vTimers can personalise their experience by customising their avatar’s appearance, creating friends lists, and hosting virtual meet-ups.  Newcomers can quickly expand their social circle and immerse themselves in engaging conversations through vTime Search, which focuses on matching users based on interests and trending topics.

Friends without a headset can still be a part of the conversation by using mono mode – a 2D window into the vTime metaverse. Using a phone or tablet, spectators are able to view live public exchanges happening within vTime, or request an invite to view private chats.

“vTime takes complex technology and makes it simple, beautiful and accessible,” explains Starship CEO Martin Kenwright. “Connecting with friends, old or new, in a wealth of incredible environments couldn’t be easier – simply download the vTime app, put on the headset, and you’re away.

“VR will be huge, but surely biggest of all on mobile where there’s a massive, pre-installed user base. Unlike console and PC headsets, the barrier to entry for mobile VR is low. People are already carrying the devices that will propel VR forward in their pockets. It’s not just for the early adopters, VR is for everybody, and vTime brings social VR to virtually everyone, from virtually anywhere on virtually any device.”

The free and platform agnostic network will launch its open alpha to Android users in November. Compatible with multiple mobile headsets including Gear VR and Google Cardboard, Starship has opened a mailing list for those interested in being the first to experience the network.

Starship will reveal vTime to the press during Oculus Connect in LA in September.

Train2Game News: New Facebook video channel for Developers

Facebook Developers LiveFacebook have launched a new video channel which could be incredibly useful for Train2Game students.

Facebook has launched a video channel, known as Developers Live, to help developers stay up to date with the latest technology news and tutorials. The curated channel features live, recorded and interactive broadcasts.

Through this new channel, Facebook aims to give developers a central place to learn about the latest tools and to give them access to the product managers and engineers who created them.

Initially, Developers Live will cover:

• Mobile development – how to go deeper and grow your apps with Facebook

• Game development – how to build better games across web and mobile

• Websites and publishing – how to use Facebook to drive traffic

The first Developers Live event is schedule for February 19th and will feature Facebook’s director of product, Doug Purdy. Mr Purdy will discuss the top three things every mobile developer needs to know in 2013.

This could prove to be incredibly valuable for Train2Game students and give them insight in to what other Developers are thinking and working towards. I advice all Train2Game students to get involved with this new initiative.

If you would like to find out more you can visit Developers Live on Facebook

Train2Game news: Insomniac Games reveal social games influencing their Triple A titles

Train2Game students will be well aware what impact social games have had on the industry, but their influence isn’t just limited to Facebook and other networking sites.

Insomniac Games, developer of the Ratchet & Clank series , formed social games division Insomiac Click earlier this year, and believe it’s already influencing their Triple A products.

“Things are changing every day in that space. I think that is what’s so exciting about dipping our toes into that particular ocean,” Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price told GameSpot.

“We are learning lessons that we probably wouldn’t have learned if we were purely focused on our console games.”

“I think it’s opening our eyes to the necessity of more social hooks. And when I say that, I mean more focus on community, more focus on sharing within and across games. These are big topics that we discuss frequently at Insomniac when it comes to looking to the future, and we want to make sure that we are not stuck in the traditional console development set of rules.”

There is no right way to do it,” he added. “That’s what is exciting about it.”

Regular Train2Game blog readers may remember that a number of Triple A developers and publishers are planning to integrate social aspects into their games. Activision believe social is the future for consoles, and are plotting a ‘methodical’ entry into the social games sector.

Meanwhile, the Train2Game blog has also reported that Bioware are exploring the ‘experimental’ social media and mobile markets.  Could big publishers such as EA and Activision therefore be influenced by social games?

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on Triple A titles learning from social titles? Is it something that’s positive for the industry?

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[Source: GameSpot]

Train2Game news: Games ‘will take over the world’ says Civilization creator

 Students are taking Train2Game courses because they have aspirations of working in the games industry.

They’ll therefore be buoyed by comments from Civilization creator Sid Meier in which he states that games will ‘someday take over the world’

“I’ve always claimed that games will someday take over the world and from where things sit today, that seems to be happening” Meier told Industry Gamers.

There are so many different gaming platforms and a constant stream of new games for players to enjoy in any way they choose, which is great for gamers.”

The Civilization creator believes the growing popularity of Facebook games means there are more opportunities out there than ever before.

“I think now is one of the most exciting times to be a Game Designer” said Meier.

“With the rapid growth of social network games there are new opportunities for smaller indie developers to make and distribute games, so we’re seeing a wider variety of games on all kinds of cool devices than ever before. That’s great for the whole industry.”

Indeed, as previously reported by the Train2Game blog, a version of Civilization – Civ World – is one of the many Facebook games available to play. Meanwhile, Zynga’s Allies & Empires gained over 33 million users just three weeks after its launch.

It’s also entirely possible that if a Train2Game student ended up developing social media games in their first role in the industry, it’s entirely possible they’d get more hands on experience with that than they could with games for another platform.

“A Game Designer is actually more important on a social game than on a triple-A game because on a triple-A game you spend a lot of time making technology and tools and gigabytes worth of animations and things like that.” said Zynga’s Game Designer Brian Reynolds earlier this year. Reynolds previously worked on Civilization II.

“I can remember whole months going by where they didn’t need me to do any game design whereas on social games it’s a game designer’s paradise.”

Games are going to take over the world and social media will provide an even bigger opportunity for that to happen! Sounds good, right?

So Train2Game, is Sid Meier right? Will games ‘take over the world’? Is the growth of social media gaming good for the industry as a whole?

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[Source: Industry Gamers]