Train2Game News: GameSalad giving cash incentives

TizenGameSalad has added a new platform for developers in Tizen, the Linux-based operating system for smart devices.

The company has been working with big name partners at Intel and Samsung to provide exciting opportunities for developers to profit handsomely from apps they port to Tizen or new ones they create for the platform.

For a limited time only, they’re offering an unprecedented deal to GameSalad developers: a minimum of $50 cash, plus three free months of Pro membership for every app published to the Tizen store!

PLUS, the best quality games and apps may be eligible for up to an additional $1750 in incentives, simply by publishing to the Tizen platform!

This promotion only runs for a limited time, so publish your game to Tizen today to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

For more details, please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions of this promotion.

New GameSalad engine means no coding needed

Train2Game Game Designers and Artist & Animators who want to practice their skills but lack coding knowledge (or access to a friendly Game Developer through the Train2Game forum) will be able to do so thanks to the new HTML 5 game engine.

The GameSalad tool allows games to be built using a drag and drop interface, with the resultant titles being exported in HTML 5 code.  It removes the barrier for developing games for both Ios and Android devices, with the results able to be displayed on most browsers.

GameSalad doesn’t offer support for Flash, despite being one of the most popular ways of playing games online today.

HTML 5 is “the next language of the web” said GameSalad CEO Steve Felter.

“We’re giving people the ability to play and share GameSalad games within a web browser – dramatically expanding both the reach of our developers’ games and their ability to create conversations and community around them,”

In other programming news, last month the Train2Game blog reported on the £15 Raspberry Pi mini computer which looks to revive the era of bedroom coding.

So Train2Game, what are your thoughts on the HTML5 game engine? Is it something you’d use?

Leave your comments here on the Train2Game blog, or on the Train2Game forum.

[Source: Develop]