Train2Game News Head to head cash challenges on Xbox One


Starting today, Xbox One gamers can now enjoy competitive head-to-head gameplay with the new WorldGaming Xbox One app.

The new app will allow users to experience the world of head-to-head cash challenges, including all WorldGaming supported Xbox One titles.

With the Xbox One game experience in mind, the WorldGaming Xbox One app was developed from the ground up to offer simple registration, head-to-head challenges, live daily video updates, contests and cash prizing. Gamers interested in a new level of competition will find unique gaming strategies, the live WorldGaming StreamTeam, and live eSports events.

Through the Xbox One app, gamers across the U.S. can play all Xbox One games that are currently supported by WorldGaming. Registration is easy and users can link their Xbox Live account with their new WorldGaming account through the app.

It’s all the games you love, all in one app, across your favorite Xbox One games.

WorldGaming Chief Executive Officer, Rob Segal, is eager to bring competitive gaming closer, and more natively, to the Xbox Live community with the WorldGaming Xbox One app.

“We wanted to create a one-stop shop for the Xbox community,” commented Segal. “We host thousands of daily challenges and tournaments for Xbox gamers through our website, I’m excited that we are again able to bring the competitive gaming experience to gamers directly on their console.”

“Through our Xbox One app, gamers can live chat with one another or challenge other gamers,” explains Segal. “You’ll be able to see WorldGaming opponents and your Xbox Live friends online. From there you can challenge them to a match or simply check their profiles and watch their gameplay feedback.”

The launch of the new Xbox One app is just the next step in WorldGaming’s plan to develop professional and casual gaming communities around the world.

The new app is free to download and play, through Xbox Live, allowing for head-to-head challenges, news, updates, and much more.

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