Train2Game News: Imp Paired getting good attention

Imp PairedTrain2Game would like to congratulate Nicholas Lister, a young man who has just released Imp Paired on his own.

Imp Paired is a memory game released for iOS devices. The game is a bold, modern reinterpretation of a classic memory game mechanic. You’ll find yourself trying to match up patterns under packages on a production line overseen by a pair of maniacal imps.

It has a charming art style and catchy music whilst you use the best of your memory to complete the levels.

The game has just been featured in The Sun newspaper with an excellent four out of five score, highly impressive for a young man who created this game on his own.

You can enjoy a play through of the game by Nicholas himself in the video below

This is a perfect example that anyone can create a good game, no matter what there circumstances. Congratulations Nicholas from Train2Game, we look forward to seeing what you create in the future!

Train2Game News: Exciting iOS beta test for T2G students

ImpPairedTrain2Game students invited to work with developers of puzzle title Imp Paired

Take part in the Train2Game exclusive beta, plus a chance to become part of professional development team

Casual puzzle title Imp Paired is offering Train2Game students exclusive access to a specially determined period of its beta test. In exchange for their time and expertise, students will receive a host of supporting and background information and the opportunity to engage the developers in conversation about the beta test from a developer’s point-of-view. As well as helping to test the game for bugs as part of the beta team, the Imp Paired developers are also looking for assistance with on-going development and managers to interact with the Imp Paired community. There is a genuine opportunity that the students who excel in this stage of Imp Paired’s development could continue to contribute to the ongoing development of this title and future releases from the studio.

Sign up for the Beta by emailing:

Beta testers

The Imp Paired beta test is aimed at bringing the game up to release quality over the next few months. Testers will be given a copy of Imp Paired to install on their iOS devices and will be asked to give their feedback on new builds as they arrive throughout the test period.

The first builds are bound to be a little rough around the edges, but the developers behind Imp Paired are looking for the sort of people who like finding out where rough edges lie because it will be their feedback that drives the development process during the beta period.

As a beta tester you will be instrumental to the development process and you will be able to add the experience to your CV and portfolio.

Community managers

Community managers will be asked to field questions from and join in with the growing community through the Imp Paired website and social media channels, relaying information and questions between developer and audience. As part of the community team students will manage hubs like the Imp Paired Facebook page, contributing posts that offer opportunities for engagement.

Imp Paired

This puzzle title is best described as a cross between Pairs and Tetris. Where in traditional Pairs games you start with a full board and attempt to empty it, in Imp Paired you start with a half empty board and attempt to prevent it from filling. The task the player is presented with is to keep on top of their workload on a package sorting production line by revealing and matching pairs and sets of patterns on the packages’ reverse sides. New packages keep arriving all the time and the player must prevent their board from filling up or it’s game over.

The player is taken through the game by a pair of imp characters who pop-up between levels to instruct, encourage, insult and infuriate the player. The imps seem to be in charge, but as the player gains mastery of the increasing challenge the relationship between the player and the imps begins to unfold.

Imp Paired has both single and multiplayer modes and a range of difficulties. It sits together as a smart, humorous and fun experience, which lets newcomers and experts alike enjoy an exciting and challenging puzzle game.

To find out more about Imp Paired go to:



Twitter: (@imppaired)


Imp Paired will be released for iOS in 2013, with a planned release for Android at a later stage.

To sign up for the Imp Paired beta or to join as a community manager email the team at the contact email address below.