Train2Game News The Gamers Brain

Game User Experience (UX) expert Celia Hodent is not surprised by the global success of Fortnite as this week brings together the top Fortnite players for the finals of the Fortnite World Cup Tournament.

With a total of $30 million in prize money at stake, the wildly popular video game earned over $1.8 billion in 2018 alone, and has 250 million players worldwide.

With a PhD in psychology, Hodent has worked extensively with some of the world’s most successful titles, including Fortnite (Epic Games), Rainbow 6 franchise (Ubisoft), and Star Wars games (LucasArts). Drawing on her vast experience, she is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, ” The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX Can Impact Video Game Design. ”

Experiencing a game happens in the player’s mind. The Gamer’s Brain thus provides readers with insight into how the human brain learns and processes information, while demonstrating how that plays out in the context of creating potentially multi-million dollar video games.

By distilling psychology and cognitive science research, as well as employing real-life industry examples, Celia breaks down the ingredients for successful and engaging video games, empowering game makers to develop their own unique game recipe.

You can read more in her recent article Understanding the Success of Fortnite: A UX & Psychology Perspective published on Gamasutra.

“No one could have predicted the sheer impact Fortnite would have on the game industry. From a UX perspective it shows that applying psychology and developing a UX strategy can resonate to engage and delight players. The Gamer’s Brain outlines this UX mindset by understanding how players experience games and by providing actionable insights that work across a wide range of industries.” said Celia Hodent.

As a UX expert and consultant, Celia currently travels the globe meeting with clients, speaking at events and presenting her sought-after Master classes on Game UX, Unconscious Bias & Inclusion, and Ethics. Celia provides clarity into the role UX plays in creating video games that are not only entertaining but also have the potential to become transformative cultural experiences.

The Gamer’s Brain is available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, (French coming soon), and can be ordered via:

Additional information on The Gamer’s Brain book, along with videos of Celia’s talks on the UX of Fortnite and about UX, AI, & dark patterns at UNESCO can all be found at

Train2Game News Psychology in Games at Develop

DevelopTandem Events – organisers of Develop in Brighton – today announced the inclusion of three psychology sessions as part of the Evolve day.

Taking place on the first of the three days of Develop in Brighton, Evolve is dedicated to sharing new ideas about the latest and hottest trends in video games development.

One of those trends, using psychology within video games development, has become of increasing importance to the flow and style of modern day gaming. Evolve will have three sessions dedicated to the latest research curated by Berni Good, founder of Cyberpsychologist Limited.

Dr Linda Kaye from Edge Hill University will begin proceedings with her session entitled Social Psychology and Digital Gaming Experiences – What Can Developers Learn From This Discipline? Dr Kaye will outline some key insights from her research on concepts such as group flow and social identity theory. Linda will help delegates understand how gaming with others provides largely positive psychological experiences and outcomes for players, as well as outlining the implications for game development.

Following on from Dr Kaye is Alex Meredith from Nottingham Trent University with his session Psychological Research in Video Gaming 101 which will delve into the methods available to developers to doing psychological research in video games. He’ll explain under which circumstances certain research methods and types of analysis should be used.

Finally, Berni Good of Cyberpsychologist Limited will discuss the future of gaming psychology in her session Using Psychology in an Applied Way in Game Development – and a Glimpse into the Future of Psychology in Gaming. Berni will talk about how psychology is used and applied in video game development and research, with examples of real life success stories.

At the end of the sessions, there will be a Q&A with all three speakers, chaired by Berni Good.

Evolve takes place on Tuesday 8 July, with the Develop in Brighton Conference continuing on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 July at Brighton’s Hilton Metropole.

To find out more about these sessions and to register visit

Train2Game News: Over 1,600 developers attending Develop Conference

DevelopOn Tuesday 9 July, any Train2Game students lucky enough to attend the eight annual Develop Conference in Brighton will have the chance to interact with over 1,600 developers.

The three day conference will host over 90 sessions covering the whole spectrum of games development. 120 speakers will debate the biggest issues and trends in the industry, from Neil Brown’s session on PlayStation 4, to developments in touch-screen technology, discussions about Kickstarter and funding, global markets and even a session on cyber-psychology.

Lee Schuneman, studio head at Microsoft Lift London, will open the Evolve Conference on Tuesday before Mark Cerny, president of Cerny Games, will give the Develop Conference opening keynote entitled Changing the Game: Developing into the Next Generation. In total, there are nine tracks and seven keynotes over the three days.

Outside the conference, Develop will be hosting its biggest expo yet. Attendees can meet some of the biggest names in the industry including Dolby, Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Unity, Unreal Engine and Valve, as well as discovering some of the newest talent in the Develop Conference Indie Showcase.

Centrally located within the expo, the Indie Showcase highlights ten unpublished, independently-developed games selected by a judging panel of industry experts. Delegates have the chance to get hands on with the games and vote for their favourite through the People’s Choice vote.

“With only a week to go, we’re delighted with both the quantity and high quality of content we are offering our delegates,” commented Andy Lane, managing director of Tandem Events. “We’re lucky to have some fantastic keynotes and great sessions, which will offer invaluable information for every type of developer – from the smallest indies to established studios. I’m really looking forward to welcoming everyone down to Brighton next week.”

Full information on the conference sessions and speakers together with who is exhibiting at the expo can all be found on the new mobile event app, sponsored by Microsoft, or you can find the information on