Train2Game News Traitors In Salem

Traitors in Salem is the follow-up to BlankMediaGames hit social deduction game Town of Salem.

Will this be the game that kills Among Us?
Indie game developer BlankMediaGames are the pioneers of the social deduction genre of games, and creators of Traitors in Salem releasing into Early Access Beta on April 22nd, 2022.

Town of Salem is one of the first, and most popular social deduction video games. Town of Salem has been enjoyed by millions of players, and has laid the groundwork for other social deduction games.  

Early Access Beta Launch
The story of Traitors in Salem has the inhabitants of Salem living peacefully after the bloody battles in the Town of Salem. The power that originally corrupted the Town and sent it into chaos is slowly swelling once again. Help the Town to banish the Necronomicon for good, or fall prey to the influence of the Necronomicon and destroy the Town. 

The Steam store page for Traitors in Salem is available if you would like to wish list the game.  


With 31 unique roles use your abilities to gain information, enhance your character, deceive, or kill other players! Save the Town, or Destroy it. With abilities like investigating players to find out if they are good or evil, forcing a player to defend themselves on the stand, creating illusions of players and more, there is never a dull moment.  


Deal with all of the Traitors to the Town, or complete all of the quests needed to banish the Necronomicon in order to win!

Use your role’s abilities to do things like reveal yourself to the town as innocent, track down a killer from a dead body, and even take matters into your own hand and deal out vigilante justice!

Do what you can to counteract the powerful magic used by the Traitors.

Find secret passages, flag down boats, and fix broken bridges to help get around the town.

Use Telescopes, confer with Ghost NPCs, use the Runeboard, and more to gain information about your so-called innocent friends.

Use the Town Bell to call a Town Meeting if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Report a body to call a Town Meeting.

Hang anyone suspicious at the gallows and save Salem!  


Possessed by the Necronomicon, Traitors fight to gain control of the Town and free the Necronomicon from its failing prison. As a Traitor, sneaking and stealth are your best allies. Kill Town members to protect the Necronomicon!

Use your role’s abilities to do things like burn away dead bodies, convert Town members over to the side of Evil, or block all Town members from using abilities!

Use Spells granted to you by the Necronomicon to give yourself the advantage over the Town by blocking their paths with overgrown brambles, displacing players to random areas around the map, or summoning powerful totems that must be dispelled or Town will be slowed, have reduced vision, or will outright be killed! Almost anything a Town member can do, you can too!  


Players interact with NPCs to start different quests that can contribute to the Town’s victory, give you special personal perks, or unlock different abilities!  


Roles: Wide variety of roles for both Traitors and Town members.
Create Role Lists: Choose which Roles you want in your Role Deck during the lobby.
Share your Role Deck: Share pre-built decks with your friends!
Banning Roles: On top of choosing roles to be in the game, you can ban roles to ensure they don’t appear.
Choose your Adventure: You can also customize the game itself! Many different options to change gameplay.
Familiar: Everything that you love about Town of Salem, but improved!
Roam the Town: With freedom of movement, explore Salem in a way you never have before.
In-game Text chat: Chat with other players during the lobby, discussion, and trial phases of the game.
Game-Wide Voice chat: Voice Chat is integrated (built-in) to Traitors in Salem. Global Voice Chat is available during the lobby, discussion, and trial phases of the game.
Proximity Voice: On top of the normal Global Voice Chat, there is also Proximity Voice Chat for chatting with those near you (enforced by the server) during gameplay.  

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