Train2Game News An Introduction To Game Writing

Steve Ince is proud to announce the release of his new book, An Introduction to Game Writing; a Workbook for Interactive Stories, which is now available.

With a foreword written by Stephen E. Dinehart IV, a renowned and respected writer and narrative designer, the book is primarily aimed at students aged 10 and upwards, but anyone curious about game writing and interactive stories will benefit from this introductory volume.

This book introduces the reader to the exciting nature of game writing in a step by step process that any person can pick up quickly.

Requiring no previous knowledge or outstanding English skills, the eager novice will learn to create interactive stories in next to no time.

Steve is an award-nominated writer and game designer with 28 years of development experience. After 11 years with Revolution Software, he turned freelance and has worked for a large variety of international clients. He speaks at conferences around the world, runs game writing workshops and wrote his first book, Writing for Video Games, a number of years ago.

The first steps of any journey are always the hardest, but An Introduction to Game Writing will help smooth the path.

The book can be ordered from your local bookshop or online book sellers as well as from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Train2Game News Videogames writers guild chair filled

Steve InceFollowing the Guild’s AGM on Friday July 4 2014, games writer Steve Ince has now taken up the position of chair of the Videogames Committee within the organisation, a position he is proud to take up and hopes it encourages more game writers to join the Guild.

Steve says:
“I joined the Guild two years ago because I believe it’s important to be part of a strong organisation that works in the interests of professional writers and, by extension, those writers who wish to become so.

“As a professional game writer I not only want to help shape the direction of writing within games with the work I do, but also be a part of how game writers are perceived by the wider writing community and within the game development industry.

“With this in mind I put myself forward for the Videogames position within the Writers’ Guild which was confirmed at the recent AGM, for which I’m very honoured.

“As a first step in this new position I’d like to invite all eligible game writers to consider joining the Guild, details of which are on the Guild website.

“Game writers, like most other scribes, can feel a little isolated at times, so being part of an organisation with such a rich history will give you a place in a strong community of creative individuals from every part of the writing spectrum.

“Previous holders of this position have done a fantastic job to date and I hope I can match that, particularly as there’s still a lot to do in respect to what the Guild means for game writers.  By joining or becoming part of the discussion, game writers can help give direction in a field that is evolving faster than all others.

“I welcome comments, questions and suggestions on anything related to the game writing side of the Guild, including membership enquiries, and look forward to hearing from you.

“I hope to achieve something positive for both the Guild and game writing while in this position.”