Train2Game News Syrinscape SoundSet Creator


Syrinscape, developer of movie-like sounds for the tabletop gaming experience, including the officially licensed Pathfinder Roleplaying Game SoundPacks, announces today the open call for beta-testers for the new Syrinscape SoundSet Creator, a sound design app that gives the user the power to create and customize fantastic sound effects, environments, soundscapes, and music.

The Syrinscape SoundSet Creator is a massively powerful, but easy to use, sound-design tool, available on PC and Mac. With a user-friendly interface, the SoundSet Creator puts all of the sliders, dials, parameters, settings, and other functions that are used in-house by Syrinscape, now in the hands of the public.

Participants in the SoundSet Creator open beta event will have complete access to the SoundSet Creator app, and will be able to import their own sounds and meld them together to make their own unique creations, for the entire month of February. Participants will also receive access within the Creator to the four free pre-made SoundSets – Bugbear Battle, Witchwood, Blaster Battle, and Shipboard – with which they can experiment. The four SoundSets, along with any sounds users create, will be theirs to keep after the beta closes on February 28, 2015.

“The SoundSet Creator is a fantastic sound-design tool, not only for tabletop gamers, but also for teachers, filmmakers, musicians, sound engineers, and so on,” says Benjamin Loomes, creator of Syrinscape. “The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to hear about the fun and unique sounds the community comes up with!”

To sign-up for the event, and to receive the four free SoundSets, visit

Train2Game News Sounds of Peasants Revolt

SyrinscapeSyrinscape, developer of the app that creates custom, movie-like soundscapes, effects, and music for the tabletop gaming experience, today opens the worldwide call for game fans to contribute their own sounds to be included in the forthcoming Peasants Revolt SoundSet.

Syrinscape developer and Dicestormers co-host Benjamin Loomes asks fans to submit their own self-recorded sounds, including wooden crashes, shattering glass, screams, yells, group chanting, and other sounds players associate with the “peasants revolt” theme. Everyone who contributes a sound will receive the final Peasants Revolt SoundSet for free, as well as a name credit on the product page.

The sounds can be recorded via smart phone, a handheld recorder, or professional studio, and submitted directly to Loomes via email, via Facebook, or a file sharing service, such as Dropbox. Additional details on how and what to submit can be found on

In celebration of the launch of Syrinscape’s SoundSet Creator later this month, Loomes will use the revolutionary new app to build a community-sourced Peasants Revolt SoundSet from the fan-submitted sounds. The process of turning the random sounds into a rich and engaging SoundSet will be documented via a series of YouTube videos, to serve as tutorials for players wanting to create their own environments.

The SoundSet Creator is an easy to use sound toolset, which gives the user the power to create and customize fantastic sound environments to be used in their tabletop games, and is slated for a January 28, 2015 release.

Syrinscape SoundPacks and SoundSets add a new dimension to the gaming table. In addition to creating the officially licensed SoundPacks for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Syrinscape creates general-purpose fantasy and sci-fi themed sounds that bring the soundtrack of gameplay to life.

The Syrinscape Fantasy and Sci-Fi Players are free to download, including two free SoundSets, and are compatible with a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android Tablets, and iPads. For more information, the free download, or to subscribe, visit