Train2Game News: Yogscast raises huge amount for charity

YogscastYogscast, the UK’s most watched YouTube channel, announced that its December charity drive has raised an incredible $1,156,799.80 – just over £700,000.

The record haul for the ‘Yogscast Dwarven Dairy Drive’ smashed last year’s £240,568.25 and will be shared between five charities: Oxfam, War Child, GamesAid, Special Effect and Little People UK.

Talent from across the Yogscast family of YouTube channels appeared on every night during December playing games, taking on challenges and having fun.

Yognau(gh)ts – fans of the Yogscast – who donated more than $25 got an amazing bundle of games and in-game items worth $350, including Napoleon: Total War, Garry’s Mod, Sonic All-Star Racing, Awsomenauts and The Chaos Engine. Those who gave more than $5 get a ‘Heart of Gold’ accessory item from popular title Team Fortress 2.

Yogscast chief executive Mark Turpin said, “We were aiming to reach £300,000 so to get to £700,000 is an incredible achievement and shows how generous gamers in general and Yognau(gh)ts in particular are.

“We’ve had amazing support from the UK and international video games industry supplying the games and items – there is no way we could have raised the money we did without their fantastic support.

“We also have to thank the Yogscast family who gave up their nights every day, except Christmas Day, in December to broadcast live and raise money.”

Train2Game News: Yogscast and Humble Bundle raising money for charity

YogscastYogscast have teamed up with Humble Bundle to raise money for several different charities this Holiday season.

People who donate $25 to this Humble Bundle will receive over $200 worth of games including; Torchlight, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Shank 2, Magicka: Wizard Wars (Early Access), Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed and Napoleon: Total War. With this Bundle not only will you receive all those games but even a couple of bits of DLC, including an exclusive Yogscast War of the Vikings Hat.

The money raised by this Humble Bundle will be used to support great charities like; Oxfam, SpecialEffect, Little People UK, GamesAid, and War Child.

Yogscast have created this video to explain what they are doing in more detail:

If you want to donate and get some great games visit